Excellent Site.. – Organized UI Elements.

I remember this site — Forgot to make a note of it.

Found thru


Another excellent webdev resource..

clipped from ui-patterns.com

UI Patterns - User Interface Design Pattern Library

Getting input from users

Dealing with data



It has long been common practice to use recurring solutions to solve common problems.
Such solutions are also called design patterns. Collections of software design patterns are standard
reference points for the experienced user interface designer. This website seeks to better the situation
for the UI designer, who struggles with the same problems as many other UI designers have struggled with before him.

UI-Patterns.com are not the first to create a UI design library. While other pattern collections are useful, they are far
from coherent and complete. The purpose of this site is over time to fill some of the gaps – especially by providing code examples
as to how how the different patterns can be implemented: to join theory with practice.

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