learning by doing – TOUR GUIDE.

i remember this instruction technology apple os 9 had, it seemed to

1. Frame, Wrap whatever you were trying to learn with a Sequential Task Flow – A Learning by doing TOUR.

Now why can we do this for programming (flash/flexbuilder/textmate/rails/php)? or the digital arts (zbrush/maya/ae/illustrator etc.) or digital music  mixing and composing (logic/live).

Apple Guide also offered a system for teaching users how to accomplish tasks in an interactive manner. However, the process of creating guides was more complicated than non-interactive help and few developers took full advantage of its power

it would seem that “its too complicated to create interactive tutorials”


this interactive Ruby is perfect. Learning a new language can be Fun! and interactive. Shit learning anything is usually mired in frustration, pain and confusion. I suppose theres no avoiding that.

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