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Proper Defination of Social Sites

Excellent list of attributes

  • Identity – a way of uniquely identifying people in the system
  • Presence – a way of knowing who is online, available or otherwise nearby
  • Relationships – a way of describing how two users in the system are related (e.g. in Flickr, people can be contacts, friends of family)
  • Conversations – a way of talking to other people through the system
  • Groups – a way of forming communities of interest
  • Reputation – a way of knowing the status of other people in the system (who’s a good citizen? who can be trusted?)
  • Sharing – a way of sharing things that are meaningful to participants (like photos or videos)


Where is that life streaming setup service?

So if one can setup a streaming service then it would seem that
1. Build a setup for personal space data encoding – bluetooth sensor grid for clothing and other outer ware.
2. Higher encoding – ccd array in the Car, house/apt and workplace.
Data Intreptation and relationship visualization services are next of course.
 1. Pull up all my drunk days of last year –
– SHOW bank statements of those moments.
– CrossReference my weight gain? or how about what time I woke up the next morning?
uStream.TV lets almost anyone with the right equipment and some gusto put together a live broadcasting network. uStream combines live video broadcasting via a Webcam with live IRC chat. Content makers can create their own channels, complete with customized branding and show description.

uStream offers its users a range of ways to interact with show producers. They can rate and rank the show for promotion on uStream.TV’s front page and add it to their list of favorites. uStream also makes it possible for them to embed it on blogs, Web sites, and social-networking profiles.

uStream isn’t just limited to live broadcasts. The service also lets people put together clips that can be watched and shared. It acts as an archiving service and a video-hosting tool similar to YouTube.