Who the fuck is this?

I spend most of my day at the computer. Usually a mac. My interests cover Social Networks, Music (electro), Art and design. Basically I’m a geek or a spazz



oh yeah, I suppose since “79” people have viewed this page (apr 08) maybe include some other details.


– Freelance art direction in LA for 5-6 years… working for a few technology/entertainment hybrids.

1. Sample Digital, a digital dailies forerunner…. shoot film – scan – encryption – transcode – upload to a CMS/Project managment system to the “Studio execs” App

2. Sample Reels – DP and Director Reels for Ad Agencies On-Demand

3. Hybrid Luxury video portal and Hyperlinked Video *Prototypes*  – Client MGM
basically adding Layers of Flash on Quicktime (flash 3 layers on quicktime 5)

Various other flash oriented – UI & Motion Graphics.. for Digital Domain, Fox Interactive etc.

And now, for the last few years I’ve been hold up at No Good Tv ( http://www.youtube.com/user/nogoodtv ).. doing various stuff UI, Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Print, Project Management etc.


One thought on “Who the fuck is this?

  1. How could you leave out that you’re happy! 🙂

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