A very thorough study on 43 Things and Social UI in general

Makes me wonder

1. Why don’t we a Social Based “website Deconstruction” studies
2. Music/Art Deconstruction social sites

Or for that matter..

Any Collaborative – Group Based
3. Social Based Software Learning or Tutorial Creator Sites?


clipped from www.unc.edu
43 Things : A Community Study

43 Things was founded by former Amazon.com developers who built off their prior experience working with Amazon’s recommendation systems.
In fact, according to an article in “The Deal.com”, 6 out of 7 of the company founders worked on the team that developed Amazon’s recommendation and personalization engines. These seven guys named their company The Robot Co-op. They also created 43 Places and 43 People, which run parallel to and are partially integrated with 43 Things. 43 Places allows users to list 43 places they want to visit and 43 they have visited, while 43 People allows users to create a list of 43 people they want to meet and 43 they have met.

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