AideRSS + Sprout + + Yahoo Pipes = WOW.


this is fucking crazy. It almost sounds like the greatest web services mashup ever.

1. Scrape
2. Redesign data
3. Widget it
4. redistribute the Scraped data..

clipped from, SproutBuilder and Yahoo Pipes…

I’ve been participating in the SproutBuilder beta. This app frickin rocks the heavens. A total flex playground for whipping up sweet widgets in minutes. The interface is amazing, and it totally empowers me and that I love. I makes me feel like I can do anything I can think of.

I started out making basic RSS feeder type widgets and then I was like.. what else can I do? I remember seeing something about and how you could use it to snag content and play with it on the web. I’ve been playing PMOG lately and there’s a page on the site that shows latest events but its strangely not RSS able. Every time you want to see what’s new in the game ya gotta load up that page. Screw that, sounds like a job for dapper – let’s scrape the page!

Take that bit of code, slap it into sprout, mix it up and presto…

I used AideRSS on my feed, its a nice fine tuner tool for blog feeds, and then I assembled the widget in Sprout.

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