Contextual/Sematic Based – Link Enhancement –

— An OPEN platform for this is needed. —

– NOT A CLOSED “only Yahoo”

could be VERY BIG business if enough blog engines are represented and critical mass achieved. Reminds me of the
Intellitxt advertising links — which MOST people consider annoying.

– Why? because words that are not very specific are double underlined and like (COMPUTERS) stupid shit like that. *insulting to ones intelligence.

— NOT focusing on the LONG TAIL contextual words.

clipped from

Header Logo

Automatic Detection: As you write your blog
Shortcuts look for Flickr photos, places,
products, people and much more.
If Yahoo! shortcuts finds
relevant content, it
will let you know. Just click the
Review this
button to see what we’ve found for you.

Review this Post

How modules work

Link or Badge:
Shortcuts can appear in your post in different
forms. You can have it appear as a link with a
preview on hover, or embed it
directly into the
post as you would with an image.

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