How do you Aggregate and Rank TOP Post from Blogs

How could you would you write a bot that
— monitor blog posts from a group of blogs.
— Rank the most “popular” – “important”

humm, i wonder.

clipped from

I think Alex hit the nail on the head.  The money, most likely, will be made by those that can make it easier to navigate through the blogosphere (services such as our SocialRank powered sites) than by an individual blog since one blog alone will rarely have enough traffic to make a lot of money.

For example, there are over 400 Internet Marketing blogs online that published 214 posts yesterday.  Would you like to know what the 15 most interesting stories were without having to read through 214 posts?  Well, you can now get the answer at  Also, please note that I said “most interesting” and not “most popular.”  Discovering the most popular stories is relatively easy since a few leaders tend to dominate the conversation.  However, discovering what is “most interesting” is far harder but in the end far more enjoyable as you discover excellent new content that otherwise you would have easily missed.

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