Open Source Drivers for HomeBrew MultiTouch

IDEO is a very cool design firm.. top in their class. Very nice of them to release these drivers. is another group of folks working on drivers for DIY multiTouch -Driving Flash displays.


clipped from


Home-brew Multi-touch

flash, multi-touch, open source

  • a multi-touch display large enough to facilitate use by several people at once
  • an API for flash that would let us quickly prototype multi-touch interfaces and applications
  • Want to jump into the multi-touch arena by creating a system of your own? We’ve just published the code from our own prototype system at Google Code: it should be all the software you need to make your own FTIR system: a back-end app to run a multi-touch server, and an API to create your multi-touch flash applications.

    You can find the source code for the FTIR server and the Flash API at Everything is licensed under Creative Commons.

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