Multi-User Media Platform — Humm. Sounds fun.

= for ecommerce, socialnets, blogtooling,

Alternativa Platform — simple and usable integrated dev tools, “world editors” and free resources to use in projects too. Every user (single human or a company) will be able to create its own personal 3D-world and tune it according to own preferences. We’re aiming to let talents grow, to allow developers making money, to give business a new opportunity promoting products and services through connected multi-user interactive services.

humm.. sounds yummy

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Alternativa Platform

The most important thing is that we don’t consider our project as a game anymore. Making a game, we were making a platform — powerful system which can be used to create games or any other multiuser media in the Net. Things that happened and following situation analysis led us to a new vision, more scaled and simple at the same time.

Okay, “Alternativa” is a platform, which allow users to create, apply and support multiuser browser media in Internet. Platform includes server core (data exchange, synchronization, servers load management), client side (3D-engine, GUI and other client’s apps), admin tools (payment support, through user registration, statistics), documentation (”how to create and apply projects” guide, public methods and classes reference book etc.), support system (portal, forums, FAQ etc.), and of cource applications made on the platform. Part of this work is done already, part has to be done.


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