Marketing thru myspace profiles.. Super Widgets..

Social profiles as Micro Channels.
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Lily Allen:

In three weeks, Nabbr delivered over 12,000 embedded content channels and served over 14 million music video views on the social web for Parlophone UK.

  • Over 14 million views in 14 Days.
  • On a daily basis Nabbr was more than 200 times more effective than Lily Allen’s Youtube presence.
  • And Nabbr delivered more than 70 times more video plays than her Myspace profile.
  • Number 1 in sales in the UK.
  • Top 20 debut on Billboard Music Charts.

What is Nabbr?

Nabbr offers the first turnkey promotion and advertising platform for
the social web. Nabbr gets your content and advertisements embedded
into users’ personal profile pages.

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