Lifestream – SocialNetwork – Presence – Social TV/VIdeo

All of these componants
– Lifestreaming 24/7 Hosting
– Playlist VJ – MEDIA hosting and Tour Guide
– Building Profiles and Avatars that Populate a World

Humm… Sounds good.

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Operator11, which launched about two months ago, touts itself as an online television network that offers anyone the chance to host their own live television show. Where Operator11 differs from its competitors is that its software allows viewers to actually become guests on the show and participate in more than just text or voice chat.

There’s no denying that live online video is hot right now. Sites like Stickam, Ustream,, and Kyte allow users to broadcast themselves to the world 24/7. On Monday, I had a chance to chat with Josh Harris, the CEO of Operator11, a new entry into the growing field of live online video companies and he told me why he thinks his service pushes the medium in completely new directions.

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