Surveys/Forms Plus Graphics & Style

If you combined a social network (widgetized) and Surveys for life/fun etc.. I wonder if it would be interesting.. a Mass Curration.
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Your biggest
fear about the future? Why?

That climate
change will create mass migration of billions of people,
that will in turn make the earth pretty much a living hell.

David Harrison – UK
February 17th 2007
What is the most
pressing problem to solve globally? Why?

Religion, Population growth.

I don’t believe
in leaders anymore. The world’s problems are too large now
for the leaders and followers model. Leaders and followers
have arguably made minor improvements here and there in the
history of the world, but for the most part, seen from a
great distance, leaders and followers usually accelerate
the overall harm. The unanswered question is, “what is the
endpoint of human technology and humanity in general?”
Positive? Negative? Survival? Extinction
Three global
leaders who will set next decade’s course? Why?

What is most
important in life for you personally?

Love, and health.
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