Mootools – Flashlike Classes in Javascript works in browsers

Yeah need to start with Javascript.
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Getting Started: What is Mootools?
t provides its own set of classes to allow you to quickly and easily describe effects such as resize, fading, moving, dragging, and more (ajax, json, etc). The code to make something transition from one state to another (fading, moving, resizing, etc.) is very succinct and Mootools does the res

Sound great! So what do I have to do to get started? Well, for starters, you need to know javascript. Mootools isn’t something you can just add to your pages and suddenly they come alive. Mootools is a javascript library and it gives you access to all these cool functions, but you still have to tell it what to do.

  • Douglas Crockford: The Javascript Programming Language – These four videos are a must-watch. If you’re new to javascript or are rusty, start here.

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