Manley, SPL, Focusrite.. Killer Outboard

Yeah its the gear.

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Synthesisers used to create sounds in Ultra Focus:

  Roland: Jupiter 4 & Jupiter 8, SH-101, JD800 & JD990
  Yamaha: CS80, CS60, CS15, CS40-M & CS70M. DX1, DX100, TX816, FS1R
  Oberheim: X-Pander, Matrix 6, 4 Voices, OBXa
  Sequential Circuits: Prophet VS, Prophet 5, Prophet One, T8
  PPG: Wave 2.0, Wave 2.3, Waveterm B, PRK FD, EVU, HDU & Commander
  Korg: PS3200, Trident MK2, MS20, M1, O1W, DW8000
  Casio: CZ1, CZ100, VZ1 & VZ10M
  Moog: Minimoog & Memorymoog
  ARP: Odissey, ARP2600, Chroma
  Waldorf: Pulse, Wave, Microwave XT, Q & Micro Q
  Misc: Synclavier II, Technos Acxel, Mellotron M400, Acces Virus, Kawai K5000… and more !

Recording gear & software used for Ultra Focus:
Manley Massive Passive and SLAM with 192 kHz converters, Langevin Dual Combo, Apogee Big Ben & Roseta 800, Lexicon 300, Focusrite ISA430mkII with 192 kHz converters, Publison Infernal Machine 90, SPL Transient Designer & Tube Vitaliser, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, MachFive, Bias Pe

ak, WaveLab, Infinity… and more !

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