Sync – AutoPost – AutoAdd – Sync – Socialthing vs FriendFeed

Man, I’m a lazy motha – once I’m authenticated its over.

— Scrape it kid.

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Flash based singing guitar online… very cool.

1. Add IK Chain “puppeter’d” fingers on fret board so I can practice.
2. Easy peasy UI for vistors to co-create chord finger patterns
3. AUTO PLAY the music and Little Bubbles for the Finger Chrd Images
4. Add the ability to webCam along (im writing with apple air webcam is included..)
5. Export to Widget – Gigya/Clearspring Distrubution
6. Internal SocialNet for dev and Vistors
7. Leaderboard for Top Creators..
8. Gibson/Fender Sponsership… Attack of the Biz dev guys..
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Songsterr is a service offering an extraordinary experience of playing, learning, and singing guitar on-line. Songsterr provides a realistic guitar sound and gives you a full control over the playback – it’s up to you to decide when it’s time to move to the next chord and to sing a new verse. All you have to do is press the button during playback when you feel it’s time to. Alternatively, you can use Songsterr’s autopilot mode and play the song without any interaction.

  • Service for beginner guitarists with instructions on finger positioning, strumming techniques, etc.
  • Service for songwriters with features to create and edit songs by writing lyrics, arranging chords, choosing patterns and rhythm.

    Ask for the PASSWORD!! – Get that PRIVATE data.

    Authenticate to PULL ALL your

    I don’t want to manually cross push the same shit – AUTO push and AUTO pull this stuff!

    I trust this thing to make my life faster and easy’r. I wonder if I could scrape all this structured data and feed it into Mini-Networks based on “TASK-ORIENTED” flows.

    All my Programming Task Flows.
    My media consumption and opinion TaskFlows…

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    We bring your friends into one interface, make it easy to post stuff back to the networks, and just in general, try to make social networking easier.
    We ask you for passwords because rather than just grabbing feeds, we are working with the various APIs that exist. This is beneficial because then it allows us to aggregate things that feeds otherwise wouldn’t provide: private data, friend lists, etc. When you sign up for Socialthing! you may notice a different experience signing in to your versus your Facebook account. This is because Facebook’s API allows for what is called token-based authentication. To put it easy, when you want to use Socialthing!, Facebook gives us a “secret token” that allows us to work with the data in your account, without you having to give us your username and password.
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    Power to the People – – Browser is in the USER CONTROL.

    In fact, it seems that all browsers are SO in flexible.

    The whole fucking web is inflexible to NON-Programmers.
    Nothing is drag and drop.

    I can’t grab this “div” and mashup things easily — Shit it takes a lot of learning and trail and error.

    Mashing Up.
    MultiUsers – Collaborative UI –
    Revenue Sharing UI
    CoCreating Revenue/Value

    I mean. Of course all this mashing up – uses system resources. And may be inefficient but easy ways to do so — could be drive innovation.

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    The World’s Most Dangerous Geek

    Justin Frankel, the man who popularized file-sharing, has even bigger plans

    Shoutcast, do-it-yourself
    broadcasting software that let people “stream” their own audio over
    the Ne
    “I’d be giving power to people, and what
    can be wrong with that?”
    Frankel created
    Waste: a “private workspace,” as he calls it, that allows small
    groups of friends to trade files without being as conspicuous as
    those on the larger peer-to-peer networks.
    future of the Internet itself. Does it become just a distribution
    system for corporate product or more of a way to subvert that
    corporate control?

    Live online Jamin.

    Logic.. Live — Online realtime..?

    Photoshop/Flash/Ilustrator? live?


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    First song composed and produced live, on Y! Live

    Just finished a great recording session with the Trackrunners – we spent about 3 hours with them live, giving them ideas and feedback as they composed a new track. The Y! Live audience chose the topic (pickup lines, heh), and the Trackrunners put down the beats, melodies, rhymes right there as we watched. The result is a brand new mp3, available for you all to download – just head over to and download the opening track, “What I Gotta Say.” Nice job Trackrunners, hope to see you guys on again soon.


    Multi-User Media Platform — Humm. Sounds fun.

    = for ecommerce, socialnets, blogtooling,

    Alternativa Platform — simple and usable integrated dev tools, “world editors” and free resources to use in projects too. Every user (single human or a company) will be able to create its own personal 3D-world and tune it according to own preferences. We’re aiming to let talents grow, to allow developers making money, to give business a new opportunity promoting products and services through connected multi-user interactive services.

    humm.. sounds yummy

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    Alternativa Platform

    The most important thing is that we don’t consider our project as a game anymore. Making a game, we were making a platform — powerful system which can be used to create games or any other multiuser media in the Net. Things that happened and following situation analysis led us to a new vision, more scaled and simple at the same time.

    Okay, “Alternativa” is a platform, which allow users to create, apply and support multiuser browser media in Internet. Platform includes server core (data exchange, synchronization, servers load management), client side (3D-engine, GUI and other client’s apps), admin tools (payment support, through user registration, statistics), documentation (”how to create and apply projects” guide, public methods and classes reference book etc.), support system (portal, forums, FAQ etc.), and of cource applications made on the platform. Part of this work is done already, part has to be done.


    Where is that life streaming setup service?

    So if one can setup a streaming service then it would seem that
    1. Build a setup for personal space data encoding – bluetooth sensor grid for clothing and other outer ware.
    2. Higher encoding – ccd array in the Car, house/apt and workplace.
    Data Intreptation and relationship visualization services are next of course.
     1. Pull up all my drunk days of last year –
    – SHOW bank statements of those moments.
    – CrossReference my weight gain? or how about what time I woke up the next morning?
    uStream.TV lets almost anyone with the right equipment and some gusto put together a live broadcasting network. uStream combines live video broadcasting via a Webcam with live IRC chat. Content makers can create their own channels, complete with customized branding and show description.

    uStream offers its users a range of ways to interact with show producers. They can rate and rank the show for promotion on uStream.TV’s front page and add it to their list of favorites. uStream also makes it possible for them to embed it on blogs, Web sites, and social-networking profiles.

    uStream isn’t just limited to live broadcasts. The service also lets people put together clips that can be watched and shared. It acts as an archiving service and a video-hosting tool similar to YouTube.

    Connecting “in App” processes to Social Networks

    Attaching a “Buddies using Photoshop” list to the Layers Pallet?
    Contextual – Based – Reveal/Publish from friends in your network..

    for Music Software.
    – Share chord maps – arp patterns – beats


    Can you build your network via BOOKMARKLET or CSS x-Path selectors.. as you surf the web.

    USE CASE EXAMPLE … your’re looking for answers to your actionscript problem.. Here is a killer BLOG roll of AS experts.
    — GATHER A ROUNDTABLE – (expert socialNET)
    1. go to each blog. – bookmarket/css xpath/scrape author
    2. autogenerate a page with icons of each expert
    3. create Comments/Forum/Threaded (PUBLIC or PRIVATE)
    4. build a LIVE/STREAM


    What bout Design or Art Related USE CASE.

    Same thing BUT this time.. IN SOFTWARE ..
    – A mini Browser via (webKIT) or some other opensource browser with in Adobe Apps/Apple Apps/Microso$t etc…

    — a PLUG IN or sorts.
    — with very LIMITED use cases and scope. SIMPLE. FAST. share/com

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    Screenshot of iLike Sidebar
      blog it

    Game Physics as Browsing, Templating, Consuming

    2D multi-physics simulations
    — Blog Scanning — RSS Reading — MP3 Mixing —

    1 vs Time
    Creative templating Engine for Web Based Resouces.. (text/media)

    1 vs. 1

    1 vs. 5 multi Creational –

    1 vs 20 – Photoshop Tennis

    Humm .. what bout

    MP3 Mixing or VideoMIxing
    1 vs 10 people at a time..


    Contestants on the LEFT in QUE

    Canvas in the MIDDLE —



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    Fun with physics-based drawing

    Taking a different spin on things, Ume University’s Phun is “an educational, entertaining and somewhat addictive piece of software for designing and exploring 2D multi-physics simulations in a cartoony fashion.” Although it’s not a drawing tool per se, Phun mixes literalness with a measure of unpredictability. Check out this video of it in action. [Via Jerry Harris & Jim Geduldick]

    ‘m much more excited about harnessing the platform to build much richer, more immersive, and (optionally) less predictable creation experiences. We can have the best of both worlds, and that’s what keeps me amped & in the game.

    Web based – Recommendation Service?

    Humm for you’re dataset of Stuff??Interesting..
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    loomia logo

    What is Loomia?

    Loomia Recommendations is a web service that lets any website provide personalized recommendations to their visitors. Loomia works with YOUR content on YOUR site to help users find what they are looking for.

    Loomia provides personalized recommendations on sites featuring:

    • Online media such as audio, video, music and ringtones.
    • Media goods such as CDs, DVDs, and books.
    • Consumer retail products including electronics, fashion, and accessories.
    • Listings for travel destinations, restaurants, concerts, movies, and entertainment.
    • User-generated content including blogs, videos, photosets, playlists, software and more.

    A very thorough study on 43 Things and Social UI in general

    Makes me wonder

    1. Why don’t we a Social Based “website Deconstruction” studies
    2. Music/Art Deconstruction social sites

    Or for that matter..

    Any Collaborative – Group Based
    3. Social Based Software Learning or Tutorial Creator Sites?


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    43 Things : A Community Study

    43 Things was founded by former developers who built off their prior experience working with Amazon’s recommendation systems.
    In fact, according to an article in “The”, 6 out of 7 of the company founders worked on the team that developed Amazon’s recommendation and personalization engines. These seven guys named their company The Robot Co-op. They also created 43 Places and 43 People, which run parallel to and are partially integrated with 43 Things. 43 Places allows users to list 43 places they want to visit and 43 they have visited, while 43 People allows users to create a list of 43 people they want to meet and 43 they have met.

    AideRSS + Sprout + + Yahoo Pipes = WOW.


    this is fucking crazy. It almost sounds like the greatest web services mashup ever.

    1. Scrape
    2. Redesign data
    3. Widget it
    4. redistribute the Scraped data..

    clipped from, SproutBuilder and Yahoo Pipes…

    I’ve been participating in the SproutBuilder beta. This app frickin rocks the heavens. A total flex playground for whipping up sweet widgets in minutes. The interface is amazing, and it totally empowers me and that I love. I makes me feel like I can do anything I can think of.

    I started out making basic RSS feeder type widgets and then I was like.. what else can I do? I remember seeing something about and how you could use it to snag content and play with it on the web. I’ve been playing PMOG lately and there’s a page on the site that shows latest events but its strangely not RSS able. Every time you want to see what’s new in the game ya gotta load up that page. Screw that, sounds like a job for dapper – let’s scrape the page!

    Take that bit of code, slap it into sprout, mix it up and presto…

    I used AideRSS on my feed, its a nice fine tuner tool for blog feeds, and then I assembled the widget in Sprout.

    Humm.. a clearspring competitor..?

    Wow, another Widget distrubution — THINK autopost to all socialNet

    1. Automate Auto posting
    2. Multiple Social Network widget Posting
    3. Multiple Blog Network Posting ..

    Found them through SPROUT – by far the coolest flex app around.

    very similar to dashcode? or a Designer oriented Widget creator

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    Thought based .. Interface.. 5-10 more years!

    Man, this shit is totally needed. Fuck this typing and mousing shit.

    Now if we can open-source this, and Add abstracted libraries to control the OS similar to OpenSource Frameworks on the Web… Humm..


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    Mind-Reading PC Controller Almost Ready For Prime Time?

    The Emotiv headset enables thought-based control of on-screen objects

    The Emotiv mind-reading headset, according to some reports, is ready for the real world. Sort of.

    Ahh a joystick… for Mac –

    Wow, I wonder if I can hack it can use 2 at a time.. in sync.

    Joystick chording repetitive actions…

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    3M Ergonomic Mouse SMALL/MEDIUM
    3M Ergonomic Mouse SMALL/MEDIUM

    Evoluent Right Hand VerticalMouse 3 – Silver / Black

    Flexible Touchpad

    wonder how hackable it is?
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    Excellent post on FOOTER Design

    I’ve been knee deep in this for the last few weeks designing the footer for the lastest refresh of NGTV or no good tv 2.

    The semantic markup is key.

    I wonder if ajax – for physics
    or Other tools such as a Text Scanner, Article Scanner?

    Maybe a Social/Community Network Feed from each? I mean the list goes on.

    Ideally, the UI should know your “BROWSING BEHAVIOR” and adapt to what you or “YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK” tend to click on.

    The ON HOVER or ROLLOVER functionality could be used to embed RICH/MICRO displays.

    I mean, it could go on and on.

    What is it you’re trying to do?
    — IS your member contributing?
    — What PASSIVE – ACTIVE (gradient) Behavior can you track and expose him/her to later?
    — IS this engaging?
    — Is this quick?


    I mean.

    Will he/she come back. OR Will they recommend?

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    FIREBUG – Extension – LOVE IT.

    Speed god DAMN IT.




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    Speed up your web pages with YSlow

    YSlow analyzes web pages and tells you why they’re slow based on the rules for high performance web sites. YSlow is a Firefox add-on integrated with the popular Firebug web development tool. YSlow gives you:

    Download Now

    Install Firebug first!

    • Performance report card
    • HTTP/HTML summary
    • List of components in the page
    • Tools including JSLint

    Visit Yahoo! Exceptional Performance on YDN.

    Performance View

    YSlow analyzes any web page and generates a grade for each rule and an overall grade.
    If a page can be improved, YSlow lists the specific changes to be made.

    Performance View

    Stats View

    YSlow calculates the total size of the web page for both empty cache and primed cache scenarios,
    as well as information about cookies.

    Stats View

    Components View

    YSlow lists all the components in the page including their type, URL, Expires date, gzip status, load time, size, and ETag.
    You can also view the HTTP response headers for any component.

    Components View

    30 Sites at on 1 page — 3 Col Grid? 6 Col Grid?

    Monster Aggregation.
    Icon of Blog/Site (favicon), Title of Story, Comments?

    — What if you Add
    GAME PHYSICS – bounce, trash, shoot.
    MYSPACE/FACEBOOK – social net based – Feeling Repository?
    VERSES – VS . Your Friends.
    VERSES – VS. A Timer YOU

    CONSUMPTION OF MEDIA – experiments.

    – experimental WAYS OF INDEXING
    – of STORING

    – of PHYSICALLY or Electronically
    On my Jeans, Socks, Jacket
    IN my Car, On my House, In my Mail

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    Between Netvibes, Pageflakes, and Google Reader most people are probably pretty squared away when it comes to picking their news snippets in an orderly fashion. Then there’s those pesky metagator sites, such as Original Signal, and Popurls that pick out the sites for you. It’s the editorial side of the game that still has some art to it. Not to be left out, Guy Kawaski (creator of Truemors) has entered the fray this morning with Alltop.

    The site shares a lot in common with Popurls (from which it was inspired), forgoing a few sites in each category to list as much as possible on a single page (up to 30 different sites in some cases). There are nine categories to choose from, including politics, science, gaming, and my personal favorite “egos” which includes the likes of Robert Scoble, Fake Steve Jobs, and Gawker Media’s Nick Denton.

    FirePHP — I love firebug.

    Extending Firebug.

    Love it.

    PHP or AJAX consoles for more transparency, and perhaps a quick crutch for us that don’t know what the fuck we’re doing.

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    About FirePHP

    FirePHP adds a “Server” tab to each request in the Firebug Net and Console panels displaying data from the FirePHP-Data response header.

    Supports Firebug Version: 1.05

    Firebug Extension

    AJAX Development

    Pulse – PLAXO – Amazing. This is it.

    plaxo_pulse_businessview.jpgplaxo_pulse_businessview.jpgplaxo_pulse_friendsview.jpgYour friends and family are creating great online content everyday: photos, videos, restaurant reviews, and a lot more. The problem is that it’s scattered over hundreds of sites and you have no idea when it gets updated. Pulse is a social network for your REAL life. When you connect to someone, you categorize them as a friend, family member, or in your business network. You tell us which sites you already use, and through the power of RSS and APIs we’ll pull in whatever you update and share it with who you tell us to (your family, your real friends, or your business network).

    Here are the sites we have so far:, AOL Pictures,, Digg, Flickr, Jaiku,, LiveJournal, MySpace, Picasa, Pownce, Smugmug, Tumblr, Twitter, Webshots, Windows Live Spaces, Xanga, Yahoo! 360, Yelp, and YouTube. (we’ll be adding many more soon)


    Finnaly an all flash site that controls addressBar

    So you click on the “see direct URL Link in address bar” and


    Holyshit.. there’s a deeplink in the URL address bar via flash embed

    Man, I’ve been looking something like this.

    Apparently googling  “as3 direct url link in address bar” theres someone written up a lib/class/package that does this.

    Very Cool.

    State Managment Flash As3- Deep Linking, Address Bar, & State Ajax

    Fuck I hope this WORKs!!
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    The flash community has been talking about, and proposing solutions for, “fixing the back button,” for much longer than I’ve been developing in Flash, but when a sunKING client asked for a working back button in their flash site, I decided to have a go at it. Like most of these things, the xa StateManager fixes the back button and provides deeplinking. Unlike all of the other solutions, the ex animo StateManager is the first method to be fully compatible with Safari. Since the class uses ExternalInterface, you’ll need to publish to at least Flash 8. It’s been tested successfully in IE5.5, IE6, FF 1.5.06, and Safari 2.0.4 but will degrade gracefully (i.e. behave like a normal flash page) in unsupported browsers.

    The StateManager also works for AJAX applications. For more information, read Using the StateManager in AJAX Apps.

    Crawler + AutoPlaying MP3 Player in a WIDGET

    1. Point out RSS/WebPage
    2. AutoPlay all the mp3/Flv
    —- 2b. AutoScan all the Mp3
    —- 2c. AutoRank based on Popularity..
    3. Build a Configurator

    — Could this be used to build a Playlist from my favorite Myspace bands?

    SOURCES API/Scraper
    Myspace, Last.FM, Youtube

    AutoPlayer/AutoScanner APP

    Widgetization, Friend/group Co-Creator, Group simulcast, playlist threading

    – Templated tShirts, Hats, Bags, Config.

    Yeah, HOT.

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    Easylistener is a Flash music player which can literally play any page on the web. Simply point it at your favorite music blog, RSS feed or playlist document and it will crawl that URL and start playing back any mp3s it finds.

    Use this handy Code Creator to configure Easylistener just how you want it. Click “Copy to Clipboard” when you’re finished customizing it and paste the codes into your blog, myspace or webpage. – Excellent resource for AJAX controls…

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    Boasting over 900 controls from many of the popular JavaScript libraries, has become one of the main resources for finding JavaScript and Ajax components. Owner Archana Patchirajan just sent me an email to let me know that AjaxRain has had a major facelift including:

    AjaxRain has truly become an invaluable resource which is used daily to find unique and powerful controls. While other sites have tried the UI aggregation route, few have been as consistently updated as this site.

    SYNC Ajax html and Flash/Flex Embed

    Is this the solution for sync’ing a Flash Embed with Ajax Componants?


    how do you SOLVE the Unique URL — Can that be “AJAX”-d??

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    SWFAddress is a small, but powerful library that provides deep linking for Flash and Ajax. It’s a developer tool, allowing creation of unique virtual URLs that can point to a website section or an application state.

    2d Physics engine PORTED to As3

    Wonder if this is easier than APE…?
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    Box2DFlashAS3 is an open source port of Erin Catto’s powerful c++ physics library Box2D.

    Cycle through the demos above to see some of the features.

    3d physics Engine – Opensource. Free

    Wonder if this will be ported to papervision anytime soon?
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    Bullet Physics

    Bullet Physics inside Blender 3D

    Bullet Physics Contest 2007

    Bullet is a 3D Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics Library for games and animation.

    Free for commercial use, including PlayStation 3, Open Source multiplatform C++

    Web Platform Strategy

    Index – Niche Content

    Scrape or Embed Media from around the Web

    + Social Community


    +Revenue streams for Social Based Input

    ChordSpace — the easy way

    Chord progression vst PC

    I wonder if I could send MIDI out from VirtualPC to MAC LOGIC..?

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    filtering RSS is the next stage for the WEB

    Media and Text Filtering

    — Players that incorp new Scanning —

    clipped from
    filtering RSS is the next stage in the evolution of information processing

    FeedHub will discover new memes for you and learn “meme weights” by noticing which posts you click on and interact with

    “Each meme represents some characteristic of a post – for example it’s topic, popular tags in delicious and number of Diggs. Each meme also has a weight associated with it that indicates how predictive FeedHub expects it to be in choosing content you’ll like.”

    Personalization startup mSpoke is launching a new product to mashup and personalize RSS feeds

    Sort RSS/MEDIA by “Friend Network” / “Behavior Profile”

    — The idea of SORT … Rank.

    THEN a Faster and Cleaner Way to CONSUME

    — Like a Scanner for Media.

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    AideRSS Means Quicker Feed Reading

    PostRank, which tracks the number of comments, Digg votes, bookmarks and more, it will process any feed you enter and spit out feeds of All Posts, Good Posts, Great Posts, Best Posts and the Top 20.
    Make it a portable standard of sorts, rank the posts and let me decide how much I want to read: on busy days, perhaps just the top posts; on days with more free time, all of them. Further down the line, I think we’ll also see increased personalization: rather than showing me the stuff that the world likes best, show me what my friends and similar people liked

    Trim that RSS Feed –

    RANK or SORT by ……
    — Popularity? — Important People have Read it?

    —- YOU WOULD READ IT…. (we’ve been watching what you like)

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    AideRSS is an intelligent assistant, which continuously monitors RSS feeds, finds the good stuff, creates a PostRank™, and delivers it to you. We do the grunt work of collecting information on every post, allowing you to focus on your agenda and stay on top of the news stream.

    reated to help deal with daily information overload, and our overwhelmed feed readers. Utilizing the latest cloud computing technologies, and distributed algorithms we created the PostRank™ filtering process

    wow, I would love this..


    Scale or Key – Constraint.
    Chord Arp – Majors, minor etc.
    Progression — Maps.

    Very Cool.

    Someone needs to make this – AUDIOUNITS Please

    Kinda reminds me of Korg Karma.. Software..
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  • Musical assistance
  • Auto Tuning. Either select a musical key, or play some notes or song to Whistler and it will keep you in tune.

    Auto Chords. Based on your notes, Whister can automatically create chords of any type. An Arpeggiator will play your chords in a wide variety of styles.

    Auto Progression. Whistler has a built in library of classic, time tested chord progressions and chord maps. Whistler will create highly satisfying musical sequences, following your cue.
    Select a mood, ‘Happy’, ‘Sad’, ‘Jazzy’, ‘Uplifting’, ‘Epic’ or
    ‘Cinematic’. Define your own progressions or download others.

    Auto Timing. Are your beats too loose? Or not loose enough? Whistler has quantising to keep perfectly in time or perfectly funky.

    Transposing. Extend your musical range up and down to hit those high notes and nail that bass.

    Scraping with Ruby and FireBug

    about 10-20 lines of code..

    I like that.

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    Ruby Screen-Scraper in 60 Seconds

    I often find myself trying to automate content extraction from a saved HTML file or a remote server. I’ve tried a number of approaches over the years, but the dynamic duo of Hpricot and Firebug blew me away – this is by far the fastest way to get what you want without compromising flexibility. Hpricot is an extremely powerful ruby-based HTML parser, and Firebug is arguably the best on-the-fly development add-on for Firefox. Now, I said it will take you about 60 seconds. I lied, it should take less. Let’s get right to it.

    SO x-path or css selector as Scrape Map.

    Extraction from the DOM
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    Firequark : quick html screen scraping

    Firequark is an extension to Firebug to aid the process of HTML Screen Scraping. Firequark automatically extracts css selector for a single or multiple html node(s) from a web page using Firebug (a web development plugin for Firefox). The css selector generated can be given as an input to html screen scrapers like Scrapi to extract information. Firequark is built to unleash the power of css selector for use of html screen scraping.

    HTML screen scraping is a common technique of extracting information about specific and useful elements from a web page. Independent of programming language, for extracting an element from a web page one need to know its exact location or a key to uniquely identify the element. There are two approaches for uniquely identifying an element: using XPath or CSS Selectors.

    XPath for HTML screen scraping.

    Dialog boxes for EXITING membership of a Social Network

    — Why do you want to leave?

    the idea of 2nd dialog?

    If you want to leave… because of.. this.. THEN Consider
    1) or 2) — Extended dialog.

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    Saying Goodbye Was Never This Hard

    Earlier today, I got an email notification from my old Friendster account, which ended up being spam. I hadn’t logged into the account in ages and looked around at my profile and others. No meaningful interaction between my friends in a few years. It’s felt like a ghost town. So, I thought… “should I just delete my account?” I was thinking about doing the same thing with my Facebook account as well, because I’m getting tired of being invited to applications a few times a day due to a friend leaving my name checked when they sign up for a game. (this is getting old…)

    Friendster Cancel Account

    Standards for HTML Emails –

    Much needed. Hope this moves forward.

    Email could be the basis for socialNETs, BusinessNETs, ArtistNETs, DeveloperNETs etc.

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    Vitamin - Nourishment to Help the Web Grow

    Design Biz : Ensuring your HTML emails look great and get delivered

    In this article that goes hand-in-hand with the release of, David Greiner explains what you need to do to ensure that your emails not only look great in today’s email clients but also actually make it to where they’re going.

    Very informative article and it’s great to see the Email Standards Project is a reality. Concerning using inline CSS to code your emails, I’ve found Premailer to be a very useful tool for that.

    If you could embed video, flash, image any media into comments?

    Why is it that all commenting is TEXT.

    What bout music, video, flash, 3d?

    How about a scraper and timeline functions?

    A mini-Premiere/PhtShp/Scraper? in Box.


    what if you could “scrape” or “getFriends”, “learn more about this person”,
    find him on other social nets, etc.

    Embed Media as “Content” for Social Networks…

    so more examples of “narrow” + “niche” communities that use embed
    media for commenting and discussion…
    Sounds pretty obvious that “tools” for social voice, ratings, polling –
    Add “game/Vs.” componants – Leaderboards, tests, competition –

    in this case its a “status” module — with a Level, Rank, and identity declaration.

    of course you need a Global view of your WORLD and then maybe your world of “FRIENDS”
    Who did what? and Will it get me to CLICK? could this make me Type something? Add my voice?


    Myspace Friend updates  = My Fav Band UPDATES

    I wonder if I could get a FEED of website updates – I suppose thats what RSS is about. Then the question is can this feed be condensed or could I make a template for the digest?

    Could a digest of my choosing..  fight the Fragment? A digest of my Fav Bands, Fav Visual Artists, Fav Programmers?
    Could we use the “Snapshot-like” popouts on Blog Rolls? SERP’s?

    more and more indexes…

    Need more consolidation and distilling.

    “what is essential?”

    Man I love this guys Blog..

    Big time.
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    Grid Layers 1


    +SVersion 7.0
    Khoi Vinh’s Web Site

    Design by — OH man.

    yep. This is where its at.

    Modernism … at its finest

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    screenshot Brijit

    screenshot MAQINA

    screenshot Bureau for Visual Affairs

    screenshot XG Press

    screenshot It's Me Not You

  • Grids: an invisible foundation

    If I’ve done my job, in ten minutes you’ll know why you should care about design grids and when and how to use them.


  • Designing Grid Systems For Flash

    I’m going to walk you through the process of creating a grid for a Flash based site that will work for screen resolutions of 1024768 and up.

    generative strategies in art and design

    Really cool. blog on procedural art.

    — Feeds connected to Physical Things.

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    Art from code – Generator.x
    Generator.x is a conference and exhibition examining the current role of software and generative strategies in art and design. [Read more…]
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    computerized knitting technology with live internet feeds to produce the ultimate in customized sweaters. Using the daily news as a data source, a software generates different visualizations which are then finalized as patterns ready for knitting.

    Ebru Kurbak / Mahir M. Yavuz: Newsknitter
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    Commonwealth vs. Joshua Davis

    For his images, Joshua Davis first created a library of elements by sampling shapes from an old book on floral mechanics. He then recombined these into complex organic compositions using a generative algorithm. A selection of the resulting images were either printed or output digitally as ceramic paint transfers, ready for application to the physical objects.

    Embed Code based Sites

    Fight the fragmentation of the web.

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    Download Squad

    TV Paradise

    It looks like the folks at OPENhulu aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the Hulu’s embed-friendliness to create a clone of the NBC/FOX online video site. While OPENhulu continues to add Hulu videos to its site, TV Paradise seems to host pretty much every Hulu video available. There are a couple of other things that make TV Paradise more attractive than OPEhulu at the moment:

    • You can watch videos in full screen mode without opening a pop-up ad first
    • The embed code for each video is listed right below the video (although you can also grab the code by clicking the menu button inside the video window)
    • So far there are no ads at all on TV Paradise (we kind of expect that to change)

    social networks BUILT around EMBEDDED/Scraped Media

    ie: Network activity based around Media Embeds

    Community building around content that is not yours –
    — Clipped content
    — Scraped content

    — Video Content, Graphic Content etc.

    — Building the network from Feeds that are scrapped, or embed.

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    hulu is the dumbest… this closed beta with open embedding is completely pointless.

    sites built on Hulu embeds there, such as TV Paradise, example.
    OpenHulu, an independent website which appears to be legally embedding Hulu videos, is actually starting to earn some cash. Not only that, but it’s getting a little attention from potential buyers, too. Not bad for just copying and pasting chunks of HTML code.