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well I finally decided to rebuild my web design company site. Please visit us. 

Seems that Combing Blogs into Networks (aggregate)

and then Adding SOCIAL Patterns could work really well

+ onDemand vistors, commenters etc.

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  • The Competitive Spectrum Pattern

  • Identifying Labels Pattern

  • Leaderboard Pattern

  • The Competitive Spectrum
    The designer needs to match the reputation system to the community’s degree of competitiveness.
  • Identifying Labels
    Community members need to identify distinguished members of the community.
  • Leaderboard
    In highly competitive communities, users may want to know who are the very best performers in a category or overall..

  • Points Pattern

  • Ranking Pattern

  • Reputation Pattern

  • Points
    In some communities, participants want a tangible measurement of their accomplishments.
  • Ranking
    In highly competitive communities, users may want to compare their performance against that of their peers.
  • Reputation
    The user expects to develop a reputation and hopes for insight into the reputations of others.

Clipping the Web – 1st Part of DIY Mashups

So Clipmarks gets it right with their fantastic tool for clipping what I’m assuming is CSS/xPath based DOM.

Then we have tools for Adding it to a blog, SocialNet, Bookmarking sites.

No way to REMIX this though.. add new styling options (css), Markup tools ..

Too bad you can’t PLUG into Clipmarks.

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Proper Defination of Social Sites

Excellent list of attributes

  • Identity – a way of uniquely identifying people in the system
  • Presence – a way of knowing who is online, available or otherwise nearby
  • Relationships – a way of describing how two users in the system are related (e.g. in Flickr, people can be contacts, friends of family)
  • Conversations – a way of talking to other people through the system
  • Groups – a way of forming communities of interest
  • Reputation – a way of knowing the status of other people in the system (who’s a good citizen? who can be trusted?)
  • Sharing – a way of sharing things that are meaningful to participants (like photos or videos)


Remember By DOING. Learn by DOING. Engagment = Comercial Surface Computing

We’ve also found that Reactrix is extremely effective in creating experiences that drive consumers’ engagement with the brand to the point where many of them recommend the brand after only one interaction with the Reactrix display. Reactrix campaigns also result in extremely high levels of word of mouth because we create the experiences in inherently social environments. The fact that the average consumer spends just under 9 minutes on one of our displays in dynamic retail and entertainment environments clearly shows that Reactrix creates an incredibly high level of engagement between consumers and brands

Could you talk a little about the current markets Reactrix is in, and where you plan to take the technology in the coming years? Do you have any plans to expand beyond the core advertising and marketing areas Reactrix has been successful in?

Mike: Reactrix is a young company and needs to stay laser focused on its core market. We see many extensions to that core market based on the verticals we may choose to enter in the future. Every location – every environment – has a unique audience that frequents it and these different venues can become like different channels in a cable system. What makes Reactrix a great advertising medium will likely also make it a great learning tool because people learn by doing.

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Microsoft Touches The Surface, Reactrix Goes Deeper

There’s a tremendous opportunity in the area of education. You can learn much faster when you can experiment “hands-on” with a concept, and immersive interfaces let you learn in a much more visceral and memorable way. Reactrix has proven itself to be a highly effective method of communicating information memorably, and this applies just as strongly to education as it does to advertising. Imagine learning about chemistry in an interactive way – you can pull on individual atoms to get a sense of how strongly they’re connected, or push molecules together and watch the reaction that ensues. That’s something you just can’t observe firsthand in a traditional lab.

People learn by doing. One of the proven approaches that content creators have used for years is providing consumers with a bridge between the real world and the digital and this is a technology that really facilitates that.

Gesture Triggered Engagment Projections

Wow, looks like the commericalization of this tech is already happening. Now that the open source versions of this are avaiable.. I wonder if the market is ripe for in-store appilcations or airports, supermarkets, sporting events.. etc.

PC, Actionscript/Flash. WIFi, Projection, motionDetections/WebCam

+ Engagment Metrics and Call to Action
— email entry keyboard or Text to this Number or Maybe a Vid/CAM Recorder

I wonder if this would be useful for Self-Serve Vending machines, Gas Pumps, ATMS?

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Theater, Mall-based Digital Ad Network Reactrix Raises $45 Million

Redwood City, Calif. – Reactrix Systems, a provider of interactive media services to malls and theaters, said on Thursday that it has raised $45 million in its fourth round of funding. The round, the largest in the company’s history, was co-led by new investors D. E. Shaw group and Menlo Ventures, and included participation from previous investors Mobius Venture Capital, Thomas Weisel Venture Partners and Worldview Technology Partners.
The company produces interactive displays that project vivid messages — from advertisers including AOL, Coca-Cola, DirecTV, Sprint and Visa — on a particular square space on the floor.
Redwood City, Calif.-based Reactrix said that it will use the proceeds to expand its network of more than 160 malls and theaters.

Mr tweener builds a Visual Programming App for AS3

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Fnk (pronounced fink) is an online visual programming environment that uses a dataflow approach for the analysis, processing and synthesis of image, sound and other data in real-time. It aims to be an easy and fun way to create multimedia and music presentation prototypes that interact with a number of input and output devices.

Data travels the nodes as it is transformed. This means that there’s no single line of execution, and diagram processing works as if every node was executed at the same time. It’s not a regular algorithm flowchart! There are no flow conditionals or loops on Fnk diagrams (and this is actually the way it’s supposed to be).

a = 1
b = 1
c = a + b

Sum of 1+1 using Fnk
Each node is of a different type and purpose; for example, data holding nodes simply display the data that is passing through them, while other node types can take one or more inputs and transform them. The above addition, for example, is handled by an addition node, that simply outputs the sum of its parameters

Visual Programming – NODE Based

Yeah, I’ve been dreaming about something like this for YEARS. If i could drag nodes and prebuilt (SNIPPET NODES) and have a CODE view that auto writes the actual code for all the NODES and MODULATORS..

Display LIST – View PORT ..
Library of Objects and Parameter Animators
Business LOGIC and Scrappers..

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the final frontier.. especially these days

Internet goldmine.. machine learning, direct marketing, list segmentation and refinement.

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Data Mining Techniques: For Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management (Paperback)

For Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management

“The book thoroughly acquaints you with the new generation of data mining tools and techniques and shows you how to use them to make better business decisions. This guide describes techniques for detecting customer behavior patterns useful in formulating marketing, sales and customer support strategies. While database analysts will find more than enough technical information to satisfy their curiosity, technically savvy business and marketing managers will find this book accessible.” (;, 9/01)
–This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


very cheap dots.
bluetooth, wifi –
add it to my bathroon, car, girlfriends bag, computer monitor

how many times did I turn on the facet in the bathroom this week?
why is higher than normal?
why are the flushes of toliet more frequent that normal last wed and multiple times at 4AM?

How come my heartbeat is more pronounced yesterday?
Am I becoming more stressed?

Who am I also following and sharing data with?
My girlfriend

what sort of data does my yoga instructor want? psychologist? girlfriend? best friend? ceritan OPT-IN brain training APPs want? more
OPT-IN marketing companies want?

ahh its endless

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Open Source Drivers for HomeBrew MultiTouch

IDEO is a very cool design firm.. top in their class. Very nice of them to release these drivers. is another group of folks working on drivers for DIY multiTouch -Driving Flash displays.


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Home-brew Multi-touch

flash, multi-touch, open source

  • a multi-touch display large enough to facilitate use by several people at once
  • an API for flash that would let us quickly prototype multi-touch interfaces and applications
  • Want to jump into the multi-touch arena by creating a system of your own? We’ve just published the code from our own prototype system at Google Code: it should be all the software you need to make your own FTIR system: a back-end app to run a multi-touch server, and an API to create your multi-touch flash applications.

    You can find the source code for the FTIR server and the Flash API at Everything is licensed under Creative Commons.

    Book Publishing – AS3 Illustrated/WebDev Tashen style

    Web – Development Book ideas? Maybe even a CLUB?

    Sort of like the TASHEN – WebDesign Series? – Via BLURB?



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    User-Centered Design Activities

    Preview for User-Centered Design Activities

    Yay 17in macpro supported

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    Laptop Battery Charger/Conditioner

    Laptop Battery Charger/Conditioner

  • 2.6GHz MacBook Pro 17″ (Intel Core 2 Duo “Penryn” – February, 2008)
  • Battery charger for the 17 macbook!

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    NewerTech Battery Charger/Conditioner, MacBook Pro 17″”
    The NewerTech Intelligent Battery Charging Station is the solution you’ve been waiting for!The Newer Technology Battery Charger & Conditioner charges two batteries one after the other or charges one while conditioning and charging another battery. Not only does this product charge your batteries quickly and correctly, but the deep conditioning feature can both extend the life of your battery, as well as bring back additional life to a battery that’s started to show its age.You’re probably asking yourself why you need to condition your batteries. Aren’t the Li-Ion batteries immune to the “”memory effects”” that plagued the old style NiMh batteries? Yes, they are – to a point! It is always best to exercise the battery cells to get the longest life and most runtime possible

    MultiLevel Marketing + Incentive Driving Widget Distrubution

    Yeah widgets with any sort of NODE TREE or Down-Line, Network of Connections, gets me off! Clearly a node tree with attriubutes that show recommended people to follow connect to (other self-interests..)

    Very Nice.

    Paypal is On it.

    More website appraisal tools

    Excellent write up in Boston herald about a 15 year old kid that used vBulletin and Joomla to create a site about the ZUNE player, one of the very first sites about the product. Zune player forum makes teen a fortune pretty amazing what timing luck and right community software can take you.

    World’s #1 Ranked Zune Site and Forum for Sale
    Sitestimator (I can only dream…)

    Website Flipping?

    Wow, the idea of website Flipping or RE-MODELING and FIXING UP.. Build Traffic And Flip.

    There’s a new york times article on the subject :

    Appraisal and Valuation Tools – Web service

    Biding and Marketplaces
    So from a Componant Perspective
    1. Social Network/Social Features (profiles, facebook/myspace app, widgets etc.)
    2. Membership for premium features
    3. Creative Tools for user gen content
    4. SEO Path

    more on this..


    Collaboration/Groupware Web Patterns

    Random thoughts of the day.

    View Modulation :
    allow Vistors/networkParticipants/Employees to create a personalized view of network/company content
    iGoggle like drag/drop modules for View Creation/Modulation – agents/chat/wizards for parameter modulation.

    Templates/Tools for Layout
    tools to create miniprofiles of employees — with their name, the projects they are working on and their location. 

    well it would seem that the ideas of publishing.feedmodulation
    > friend_social Graph /CoWorkers & business/ product(manufacturing)/ services/ brick Mortar Stores
    ..have common display components -no I think that common understanding or analytics that bubble up from the data/metric that’s tracked. Almost like Data Mining.

     Collaborative Filtering – 
    > Data-Mining Machine Learning Patterns (ANALYTICS)

    People that bought this also ….
    Musican’s or Band’s similar to this..
    What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item?
    15% buy this.. 25% buy that… 

    Pattern Library
    cataloging of Images/Videos UI Interaction/CSS Snippets/AS3.PHP.Rails Code

    CPA + Presence

    Well this is probably the ULTIMATE marketing/business SLOT-MACHINE.

    I imagine that with a working model (Processes and Phases/Stages) this would be a perfect TRANSPARENT – SELFSERVE – online Business. I’ve been thinking about Second-Node (Less then Relevent ad inventory) or CROSS-PROMOTION (related but Non-Competing Ad Inventory BOT).

    1. Transparent – Self Service – WEB PATTERNS
    2. Patterns for Negotiate payouts for affiliates on all campaigns in the network
    3. Prospecting for new affiliates – Bots, Speed Surfing (data mining/auto Whois/Alexa/Compete etc.)
    4. Negotiating CPA (cost-per-action), CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-impression)

    Virtual Chat/Presence
    5. Upsell/Cross Sell and Navigate


    ahh – Widgets, XML/RSS Feeds from any site, Remixable.

    people i know

    peope i don’t know – But Trust.

    WHAT IF?

    it was possible to build a MINI-ROUNDTABLE thread on any topic.. should I pick this auto-mechanic TO when should I..


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    The Web 1.0 world was all about a website and URL. The Web 2.0 world is about distribution, viral marketing, and creating smart tools that can be placed anywhere on the Web. Facebook and MySpace have such big audiences that I think KickStartr should focus on just being a widget that can easily match the creatives and the passionates out there with the people who are willing to fund them.
    the question of scale. Unless you can show 20 percent month-over-month traffic growth, you’re not perceived as a viable Web 2.0 company.

    PATTERNS – Social/MicroSites

    Voting/polling/quizzes/Viral game – Patterns for Flash Wigets
    clipped from is an interactive services provider for marketers, agencies, and media companies. Providing a full array of activation technologies such as online promotions, interactive online activities, and publishing tools to help our clients monetize their interactive efforts.

    Offers include online and mobile promotions (sweepstakes, instant win games, contests) as well as loyalty programs, branded activities (voting, polling, quizzes viral games, etc.), micro-sites, social networking and user-generated contests. In addition, the company provides application development, integration, and support for the web operations of numerous major media companies. is part of network of web properties.

    Tools for online Marketing – Growing Traffic through non-paid means

    – LIVE DATA (scraped realtime)

    -Proven track record growing website traffic, primarily through non-paid means (i.e., barters, SEO, email, Digg, Facebook)

    clipped from
    Director, Marketing – CollegeHumor

    • Develop and manage a broad spectrum of online user acquisition and traffic / pageview optimization initiatives
    • Implement strategies to increase Nielsen and ComScore ratings
    • Formalize the process of identifying and negotiating deals with potential link exchange partners to increase site traffic and SEO ranking; manage link programs on an ongoing basis
    • Cultivate relationships with bloggers and webmasters to syndicate CollegeHumor content
    • Source cross-promotional and barter opportunities
    • Analyze site usage statistics and develop quantitative support for pageview optimization and product, sales, editorial and new growth initiative decisions
    • Work with site developers to continually update the product to meet changing user acquisition and retention needs, as well as the evolving competitive marketplace
    • Supervise the marketing team, including one or more direct reports

    Very french… Very New Wave (mid-80s)

    God i love this shit.

    1. Rounded Helvetica… and Neon + Rainbows…
    2. Lexicon 480L + SSL NoiseGates (big 80’s Reverb think duran duran)

    good times

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    Entertainment Marketing Agency – Art Direction / key Art

    “Entertainment marketing agency located in Culver City is looking to hire a full time art director experienced in theatrical and home entertainment business. Please send your digital portfolio, resume and salary requirement to

    – Interactive Art Direction?
    —- Art Direction —– Movie/Television/Music?

    gotta compile a list of these “Key Art” Boutiques?
    1. Trailers/DVD menus
    2. Movie Titles
    3. Poster etc.

    — sounds very “up my alley”

    clipped from

    Art Director (Culver City)

    Entertainment marketing agency located in Culver City is looking to hire a full time art director experienced in theatrical and home entertainment business. Please send your digital portfolio, resume and salary requirement to

    Visit for more information about the company.

    Part Business 2.0 – Part The Apprentice

    Wow, this is so fucking cool. I mean, it would be or might be very impractical to do this for a solo start up but if you could build a story – Your kinda removed from the whole thing..

    very American Splendor…

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    Rockstartup Logo Web 2.0 Reality TV

    Join CEO and young entrepreneur, Ted Murphy, around the globe as he and his team build the Internet’s next monster company, Izea. The great thing for you is that you get to watch this reality tv show like a creepy voyeur. From individual team member confessionals to crash and burn meetings, you get to see it all. It’s reality television unlike anything you have ever seen before.

    Subscribe via iTunes

    very cool multi-screen video console.. for learning music.

    Could be done for all sorts of activities.

    for electro please.

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    Amy Winehouse - BANNER 1


    Getting Videos Indexed in Google Yahoo SERPs

    – Video Sitemap index, Ie: RSS for Media (thumbnail index)

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    Google SERPs Video Thumbnails – Not Just Youtube

    google thumbnail of video

  • Videojug – I noticed this one pop up about 2 months ago, which initially led me to believe that this may have something to do with the Google video sitemaps release… more about that shortly. You can find this easily by searching for
  • Google video sitemaps

    “enables you to publish and syndicate online video content and its relevant metadata to Google in order to make it searchable in the Google Video index” –

    SEO for video 1. One page title per video, 2. RSS 3. Autopost to youtube etc.

    clipped from

    ReelSEO video

    Video SEO tactics, Video Marketing, & Online Video Trends

    Build your own Video/MotionGraphics Ad – APP & AdNetwrk


    – Video Templates
    – Motion Graphics Templates
    – Text Templates

    Music and VoiceOver…


    Humm Add in Adnet Distrubution






    Ahh eCommerce – Can you Aggregate Portals?

    VIEW – Micro (headline view grids ie:alltop?)
    LOGIC – Sort Mechanisms – Lowest, Rating, Distance..
    SOCIAL GRAPH – My Network recommends?
    CREATIVE TOOLS – SNIP, GRAB< – Build Wishlists, Bitchlist, what I want for Xmas etc.


    WEBDEV – Extract Architecture and Templates
    WEBBIZ – Build Super Portal, Resell Unused Ad Inventory, Create more inventory

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    Current Supported Shopping Portals…

      blog it

    Mashup Ads – oh yes… Adsense Dynamic Display Ads?

    Yeah so a Flash/Flex based VJ tool (dynamic layout templates/Color pallettes, Type Treatments Grids) for Mashup of Publisher Inventory or article/Page focus or App state with the RELEVANT sponser inventory.

    kinda reminds of this “auto” designer tool done in Flash
    – Generative Arts

    Now apply a “SPOTRUNNER” like – video bkgrnds, Motion Text Templates for Message etc.

    Could be Killer

    especially if the semantic information and relevance is STRONG.

    Man, this could be B-I-G.

    clipped from

    How would an ad on the semantic web look? Well, we think we have an idea. We call it “MashupAds”:

    MashupAds are dynamic display ads that change when your content changes. The ad takes content from a publisher’s site and mashes it up with content from an advertiser’s site, creating an ad relevant to the user’s browsing experience. MashupAds not only bring content into the ad, but they can bring site functionality as well: say you run a travel site, and you have a form for users to input travel dates and a destination. MashupAds let you port this functionality into to your ad, making the ad simply an extension of the site.

    we’re uniquely poised to “unlock” advertisers’ and publishers’ content and allow for the building of more engaging, contextual and relevant ads. In fact, a couple of months ago, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Alex’s RWW colleague, wrote a really great story on MashupAds and why it’s good.

    Social – Interactive – Modular Webservices – w/Ads

    Basically a web service that makes any site into a 2-Way
    Almost Social Based site.. Free with the ads..

    Add Comments, Ratings, Reviews, Polls,

    Very Very cool.

    + Myspace/Facebook/Open Social Authentication (open ID)

    clipped from
    clipped from
    clipped from

    Think only the biggest sites can afford to offer a truly dynamic and interactive online experience? No longer!

    Today’s technology gives any site access to the features they need to compete against the online “mega-sites” that dominate the web today. Better yet, they allow sites to create collaborative networks that increase their competitiveness even further. Picture a Web where your site is a front door to a dynamic, user-driven network of related content, services, products, etc… a “Virtual-Amazon” where you — not Amazon — are the winner. Like what you see? We do, and with your support we can make this vision a reality. In return, here’s our commitment to you:

      blog it

    Sometimes its KEY to get the TOP tips! CSS in this case

    Yeah, fucking around with all the bullshit.. 80% of which you’ll use once in while..

    I wonder what the TOP 6 Techniques for AS3, RAILS are?

    Logic, Live etc.

    Humm sounds like a site?

    clipped from

  • Get a Consistent Base Font Size
  • Get Consistent Margins
  • Set a Float to Clear a Float
  • Image Replacement
  • Faux Columns
  • CSS Sprites
  • body { font-size: 62.5%; }

    Ad Networks + Widgets = $$

    Yep make every banner PopUp/Expand
    + Creative Tools
    + Realtime Bidding/Searching/Activity Feeds
    + Avatar’s Interacting Social Networking Streams
    + Video Scanners
    + News/Story Scanner

    you know.

    clipped from

    Interactive advertising through widgets is definitely taking off, but I’m not sure the banner-widget hybrid does much that a widget can’t do on its own. On the other hand, not only can MediaForge help companies create hybrid ads, it can also “socialize” (i.e., add widgets to) existing banners. Companies wanting to expand existing banner ad campaigns, rather than starting from scratch, seem to be the startup’s target audience.

    MediaForge combines banner ads with widgets

    experimental approaches (advertising)

    Ahh, selling out.

    easier when everyones doin it. When its the “trendy” thing to do/buy/experience/watch/learn/taste/go.

    sure lets find a way to put ads on cursors, sliders, scrollers, tabs, ui elements.

    how bout a vid based font? or a mp3 font?

    could you build a way to translate your flickr images into “top 20 midi/songs of “84” with ads?

    is there a way to sell out your friends if you can make em laugh?

    i dunno.

    seems that everyones doing the same ole shit.

    Simulation Based Browsing and webdesign

    simulation based
    social networking
    video watching
    social playlist mods

    Euphoria based AI Flowchart + WebTemplates

    Physics based Social WebBrowsing

    clipped from
    Euphoria by Natural Motion and Digital Molecular Matter by Pixelux. These two technologies promise to take gameplay to the next level by giving gamers a “simulation-based experience that changes every time the game is played.” What does this mean? You’ll never see the same tired animation over and over again. Damaged surfaces splinter, chip, break, and shatter differently every time. The environment feels more alive than ever. Now imagine playing in that as an uber Sith apprentice. Sweet.

    Social Aggregators – Send in the BOTS

    — Proflatic.. is the TOP dog vs Social Thing

    Of course adoption and ease of use is key. With critcal Mass there could be some serious tracking going on here.

    1. Video Aggregation and Filtering
    2. News Aggregations
    3. DigitalLife Aggregation

    Auto Athenticate
    Scrape Large Dataset for Value + Added layers from Community


    clipped from

    Social aggregators comparison table

    Launched way back in 2006, Profilactic is the daddy of social aggregators, not least because it’s notched up support for an astonishing 144 services. It also has a decent UI and some nice bits of functionality, including search and filtering of your ‘mashup’ (poor choice of label imo – too many other connotations). I also like the fact that it pulls in decent sized Flickr images rather than thumbnails, although I guess that’s just personal preference and others may feel they take up too much space. Perhaps Profilactic’s most compelling feature (now shared by newcomer socialthing!) is that it automatically draws on your friend lists from the services you add rather than forcing you to add them manually, which removes a massive barrier to take up.

    5 stars

    Register using your “myspace/facebook” authentication!

    1. Remove as many barriers to Sign-Up as Possible

    OPEN ID —
    Myspace/Facebook/Google/Yahoo etc.

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    Facebook social apps – Why some are winners vs others

    – help people chat with each other… anyway possible.
    – find similar, engage each other.. anyway possible.

    — Allow user base Co-Creation capability.

    clipped from

    In reviewing the dominant types of applications, it is clear that most of the applications are helping users achieve social goals such as improved communication, learning about the self relative to others, finding similar others, improving self-presentation, engaging in social play, and engaging in social exchanges via gifts and media…

    how fb users spend their time

    In examining each application, we spent some time with the reviews and the discussion topics, expecting that applications that were more active would have more posts by users. We found however that reviews were not reviews. Rather, the review section seemed to be largely used for users to communicate with application developers, giving their feedback and reporting bugs, and to each other about the application.

    The reviews then became overloaded with demands for the user-to-user communication required to use the application
    einforce the message that people come to social sites to be social, and will twist any application into an opportunity to communicate

    Dapper like – convert any webpage into – RSS – Feed43

    Very cool scraping and transform service.

    wonder if you could build a friendfeed – social networking aggregating bot from

    1. Choose SocialNets
    2. User Password Authentication
    3. Choose Output Templates.

    Can output templates be in the form of Flash MotionGraphics?
    Ajax Scrollers

    clipped from

    FEED43 (Feed For Free)

    Your favorite site doesn’t provide news feeds?
    This free online service converts any web page to an RSS feed on the fly.

    learning by doing – TOUR GUIDE.

    i remember this instruction technology apple os 9 had, it seemed to

    1. Frame, Wrap whatever you were trying to learn with a Sequential Task Flow – A Learning by doing TOUR.

    Now why can we do this for programming (flash/flexbuilder/textmate/rails/php)? or the digital arts (zbrush/maya/ae/illustrator etc.) or digital music  mixing and composing (logic/live).

    Apple Guide also offered a system for teaching users how to accomplish tasks in an interactive manner. However, the process of creating guides was more complicated than non-interactive help and few developers took full advantage of its power

    it would seem that “its too complicated to create interactive tutorials”


    this interactive Ruby is perfect. Learning a new language can be Fun! and interactive. Shit learning anything is usually mired in frustration, pain and confusion. I suppose theres no avoiding that.

    Excellent Site.. – Organized UI Elements.

    I remember this site — Forgot to make a note of it.

    Found thru

    Another excellent webdev resource..

    clipped from

    UI Patterns - User Interface Design Pattern Library

    Getting input from users

    Dealing with data



    It has long been common practice to use recurring solutions to solve common problems.
    Such solutions are also called design patterns. Collections of software design patterns are standard
    reference points for the experienced user interface designer. This website seeks to better the situation
    for the UI designer, who struggles with the same problems as many other UI designers have struggled with before him. are not the first to create a UI design library. While other pattern collections are useful, they are far
    from coherent and complete. The purpose of this site is over time to fill some of the gaps – especially by providing code examples
    as to how how the different patterns can be implemented: to join theory with practice.

    algorithmic Graphic Design

    Code + Grids + Vectors + Random + Sequential + Repetition + Arrays + if/then/else/ Conditionals + Network’d Material (scrape) + Bots + Machine Learning.

    And Chaos.

    clipped from

    BMW Z4 By Joshua Davis

    BMW Z4 By Joshua Davis

    New York based artist and designer Joshua Davis, considered to be a pioneer of algorithmic graphic design, has developed a limited edition of computer generated unique prints based on the BMW Z4 Coup. The video shows footage of the ‘inspiration process’ for this project.

    LifeStream this Bitch…..

    ACTIVITY for everything web 2.0.
    facebook, myspace, bebo, flicker, digg,, twitter, tumblr, pownce, Amazon browsing, Blogs,

    + Browsing History
    + App usage
    + Map Usage
    + Credit Card Purchases (private filters on)
    + Snail Mail Arrivals (private filters on)
    + Auto Transcribe all Cell Phone Calls

    1. Publish What I want. When I want to.
    2. Get paid for referrers
    3. Co-Create something New.

    clipped from