Seems that Combing Blogs into Networks (aggregate)

and then Adding SOCIAL Patterns could work really well

+ onDemand vistors, commenters etc.

clipped from

  • The Competitive Spectrum Pattern

  • Identifying Labels Pattern

  • Leaderboard Pattern

  • The Competitive Spectrum
    The designer needs to match the reputation system to the community’s degree of competitiveness.
  • Identifying Labels
    Community members need to identify distinguished members of the community.
  • Leaderboard
    In highly competitive communities, users may want to know who are the very best performers in a category or overall..

  • Points Pattern

  • Ranking Pattern

  • Reputation Pattern

  • Points
    In some communities, participants want a tangible measurement of their accomplishments.
  • Ranking
    In highly competitive communities, users may want to compare their performance against that of their peers.
  • Reputation
    The user expects to develop a reputation and hopes for insight into the reputations of others.

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