Remember By DOING. Learn by DOING. Engagment = Comercial Surface Computing

We’ve also found that Reactrix is extremely effective in creating experiences that drive consumers’ engagement with the brand to the point where many of them recommend the brand after only one interaction with the Reactrix display. Reactrix campaigns also result in extremely high levels of word of mouth because we create the experiences in inherently social environments. The fact that the average consumer spends just under 9 minutes on one of our displays in dynamic retail and entertainment environments clearly shows that Reactrix creates an incredibly high level of engagement between consumers and brands

Could you talk a little about the current markets Reactrix is in, and where you plan to take the technology in the coming years? Do you have any plans to expand beyond the core advertising and marketing areas Reactrix has been successful in?

Mike: Reactrix is a young company and needs to stay laser focused on its core market. We see many extensions to that core market based on the verticals we may choose to enter in the future. Every location – every environment – has a unique audience that frequents it and these different venues can become like different channels in a cable system. What makes Reactrix a great advertising medium will likely also make it a great learning tool because people learn by doing.

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Microsoft Touches The Surface, Reactrix Goes Deeper

There’s a tremendous opportunity in the area of education. You can learn much faster when you can experiment “hands-on” with a concept, and immersive interfaces let you learn in a much more visceral and memorable way. Reactrix has proven itself to be a highly effective method of communicating information memorably, and this applies just as strongly to education as it does to advertising. Imagine learning about chemistry in an interactive way – you can pull on individual atoms to get a sense of how strongly they’re connected, or push molecules together and watch the reaction that ensues. That’s something you just can’t observe firsthand in a traditional lab.

People learn by doing. One of the proven approaches that content creators have used for years is providing consumers with a bridge between the real world and the digital and this is a technology that really facilitates that.

One thought on “Remember By DOING. Learn by DOING. Engagment = Comercial Surface Computing

  1. John Sulivan says:

    As of October 15, Reactrix entered receivership and selling its assets.

    While Reactrix idea was unique there are other companies (e.g. who are offering a range of gesture-based interactive technologies.

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