Mr tweener builds a Visual Programming App for AS3

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Fnk (pronounced fink) is an online visual programming environment that uses a dataflow approach for the analysis, processing and synthesis of image, sound and other data in real-time. It aims to be an easy and fun way to create multimedia and music presentation prototypes that interact with a number of input and output devices.

Data travels the nodes as it is transformed. This means that there’s no single line of execution, and diagram processing works as if every node was executed at the same time. It’s not a regular algorithm flowchart! There are no flow conditionals or loops on Fnk diagrams (and this is actually the way it’s supposed to be).

a = 1
b = 1
c = a + b

Sum of 1+1 using Fnk
Each node is of a different type and purpose; for example, data holding nodes simply display the data that is passing through them, while other node types can take one or more inputs and transform them. The above addition, for example, is handled by an addition node, that simply outputs the sum of its parameters

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