Collaboration/Groupware Web Patterns

Random thoughts of the day.

View Modulation :
allow Vistors/networkParticipants/Employees to create a personalized view of network/company content
iGoggle like drag/drop modules for View Creation/Modulation – agents/chat/wizards for parameter modulation.

Templates/Tools for Layout
tools to create miniprofiles of employees — with their name, the projects they are working on and their location. 

well it would seem that the ideas of publishing.feedmodulation
> friend_social Graph /CoWorkers & business/ product(manufacturing)/ services/ brick Mortar Stores
..have common display components -no I think that common understanding or analytics that bubble up from the data/metric that’s tracked. Almost like Data Mining.

 Collaborative Filtering – 
> Data-Mining Machine Learning Patterns (ANALYTICS)

People that bought this also ….
Musican’s or Band’s similar to this..
What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item?
15% buy this.. 25% buy that… 

Pattern Library
cataloging of Images/Videos UI Interaction/CSS Snippets/AS3.PHP.Rails Code

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