CPA + Presence

Well this is probably the ULTIMATE marketing/business SLOT-MACHINE.

I imagine that with a working model (Processes and Phases/Stages) this would be a perfect TRANSPARENT – SELFSERVE – online Business. I’ve been thinking about Second-Node (Less then Relevent ad inventory) or CROSS-PROMOTION (related but Non-Competing Ad Inventory BOT).

1. Transparent – Self Service – WEB PATTERNS
2. Patterns for Negotiate payouts for affiliates on all campaigns in the network
3. Prospecting for new affiliates – Bots, Speed Surfing (data mining/auto Whois/Alexa/Compete etc.)
4. Negotiating CPA (cost-per-action), CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-impression)

Virtual Chat/Presence
5. Upsell/Cross Sell and Navigate

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