Mashup Ads – oh yes… Adsense Dynamic Display Ads?

Yeah so a Flash/Flex based VJ tool (dynamic layout templates/Color pallettes, Type Treatments Grids) for Mashup of Publisher Inventory or article/Page focus or App state with the RELEVANT sponser inventory.

kinda reminds of this “auto” designer tool done in Flash
– Generative Arts

Now apply a “SPOTRUNNER” like – video bkgrnds, Motion Text Templates for Message etc.

Could be Killer

especially if the semantic information and relevance is STRONG.

Man, this could be B-I-G.

clipped from

How would an ad on the semantic web look? Well, we think we have an idea. We call it “MashupAds”:

MashupAds are dynamic display ads that change when your content changes. The ad takes content from a publisher’s site and mashes it up with content from an advertiser’s site, creating an ad relevant to the user’s browsing experience. MashupAds not only bring content into the ad, but they can bring site functionality as well: say you run a travel site, and you have a form for users to input travel dates and a destination. MashupAds let you port this functionality into to your ad, making the ad simply an extension of the site.

we’re uniquely poised to “unlock” advertisers’ and publishers’ content and allow for the building of more engaging, contextual and relevant ads. In fact, a couple of months ago, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Alex’s RWW colleague, wrote a really great story on MashupAds and why it’s good.

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