Social – Interactive – Modular Webservices – w/Ads

Basically a web service that makes any site into a 2-Way
Almost Social Based site.. Free with the ads..

Add Comments, Ratings, Reviews, Polls,

Very Very cool.

+ Myspace/Facebook/Open Social Authentication (open ID)

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Think only the biggest sites can afford to offer a truly dynamic and interactive online experience? No longer!

Today’s technology gives any site access to the features they need to compete against the online “mega-sites” that dominate the web today. Better yet, they allow sites to create collaborative networks that increase their competitiveness even further. Picture a Web where your site is a front door to a dynamic, user-driven network of related content, services, products, etc… a “Virtual-Amazon” where you — not Amazon — are the winner. Like what you see? We do, and with your support we can make this vision a reality. In return, here’s our commitment to you:

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One thought on “Social – Interactive – Modular Webservices – w/Ads

  1. megamega says:

    lots of adds on myspace
    on this site:

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