Ad Networks + Widgets = $$

Yep make every banner PopUp/Expand
+ Creative Tools
+ Realtime Bidding/Searching/Activity Feeds
+ Avatar’s Interacting Social Networking Streams
+ Video Scanners
+ News/Story Scanner

you know.

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Interactive advertising through widgets is definitely taking off, but I’m not sure the banner-widget hybrid does much that a widget can’t do on its own. On the other hand, not only can MediaForge help companies create hybrid ads, it can also “socialize” (i.e., add widgets to) existing banners. Companies wanting to expand existing banner ad campaigns, rather than starting from scratch, seem to be the startup’s target audience.

MediaForge combines banner ads with widgets

2 thoughts on “Ad Networks + Widgets = $$

  1. Allan says:

    Amul, I was at mediaFORGE when this product was started and managed its IP process. It’s definitely something that can be very big.

  2. americium says:

    Americium says : I absolutely agree with this !

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