Ask for the PASSWORD!! – Get that PRIVATE data.

Authenticate to PULL ALL your

I don’t want to manually cross push the same shit – AUTO push and AUTO pull this stuff!

I trust this thing to make my life faster and easy’r. I wonder if I could scrape all this structured data and feed it into Mini-Networks based on “TASK-ORIENTED” flows.

All my Programming Task Flows.
My media consumption and opinion TaskFlows…

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We bring your friends into one interface, make it easy to post stuff back to the networks, and just in general, try to make social networking easier.
We ask you for passwords because rather than just grabbing feeds, we are working with the various APIs that exist. This is beneficial because then it allows us to aggregate things that feeds otherwise wouldn’t provide: private data, friend lists, etc. When you sign up for Socialthing! you may notice a different experience signing in to your versus your Facebook account. This is because Facebook’s API allows for what is called token-based authentication. To put it easy, when you want to use Socialthing!, Facebook gives us a “secret token” that allows us to work with the data in your account, without you having to give us your username and password.
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