Power to the People – – Browser is in the USER CONTROL.

In fact, it seems that all browsers are SO in flexible.

The whole fucking web is inflexible to NON-Programmers.
Nothing is drag and drop.

I can’t grab this “div” and mashup things easily — Shit it takes a lot of learning and trail and error.

Mashing Up.
MultiUsers – Collaborative UI –
Revenue Sharing UI
CoCreating Revenue/Value

I mean. Of course all this mashing up – uses system resources. And may be inefficient but easy ways to do so — could be drive innovation.

clipped from www.rollingstone.com

The World’s Most Dangerous Geek

Justin Frankel, the man who popularized file-sharing, has even bigger plans

Shoutcast, do-it-yourself
broadcasting software that let people “stream” their own audio over
the Ne
“I’d be giving power to people, and what
can be wrong with that?”
Frankel created
Waste: a “private workspace,” as he calls it, that allows small
groups of friends to trade files without being as conspicuous as
those on the larger peer-to-peer networks.
future of the Internet itself. Does it become just a distribution
system for corporate product or more of a way to subvert that
corporate control?

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