Connecting “in App” processes to Social Networks

Attaching a “Buddies using Photoshop” list to the Layers Pallet?
Contextual – Based – Reveal/Publish from friends in your network..

for Music Software.
– Share chord maps – arp patterns – beats


Can you build your network via BOOKMARKLET or CSS x-Path selectors.. as you surf the web.

USE CASE EXAMPLE … your’re looking for answers to your actionscript problem.. Here is a killer BLOG roll of AS experts.
— GATHER A ROUNDTABLE – (expert socialNET)
1. go to each blog. – bookmarket/css xpath/scrape author
2. autogenerate a page with icons of each expert
3. create Comments/Forum/Threaded (PUBLIC or PRIVATE)
4. build a LIVE/STREAM


What bout Design or Art Related USE CASE.

Same thing BUT this time.. IN SOFTWARE ..
– A mini Browser via (webKIT) or some other opensource browser with in Adobe Apps/Apple Apps/Microso$t etc…

— a PLUG IN or sorts.
— with very LIMITED use cases and scope. SIMPLE. FAST. share/com

clipped from

Screenshot of iLike Sidebar
  blog it

One thought on “Connecting “in App” processes to Social Networks

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