30 Sites at on 1 page — 3 Col Grid? 6 Col Grid?

Monster Aggregation.
Icon of Blog/Site (favicon), Title of Story, Comments?

— What if you Add
GAME PHYSICS – bounce, trash, shoot.
MYSPACE/FACEBOOK – social net based – Feeling Repository?
VERSES – VS . Your Friends.


– experimental WAYS OF INDEXING

– of PHYSICALLY or Electronically
On my Jeans, Socks, Jacket
IN my Car, On my House, In my Mail

clipped from www.webware.com

Between Netvibes, Pageflakes, and Google Reader most people are probably pretty squared away when it comes to picking their news snippets in an orderly fashion. Then there’s those pesky metagator sites, such as Original Signal, and Popurls that pick out the sites for you. It’s the editorial side of the game that still has some art to it. Not to be left out, Guy Kawaski (creator of Truemors) has entered the fray this morning with Alltop.

The site shares a lot in common with Popurls (from which it was inspired), forgoing a few sites in each category to list as much as possible on a single page (up to 30 different sites in some cases). There are nine categories to choose from, including politics, science, gaming, and my personal favorite “egos” which includes the likes of Robert Scoble, Fake Steve Jobs, and Gawker Media’s Nick Denton.

One thought on “30 Sites at on 1 page — 3 Col Grid? 6 Col Grid?

  1. nickie says:

    From all news aggregators i prefer http://needfornews.com
    they give tag cloud, so you dont need to read all titles to understand wtf s going today

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