State Managment Flash As3- Deep Linking, Address Bar, & State Ajax

Fuck I hope this WORKs!!
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The flash community has been talking about, and proposing solutions for, “fixing the back button,” for much longer than I’ve been developing in Flash, but when a sunKING client asked for a working back button in their flash site, I decided to have a go at it. Like most of these things, the xa StateManager fixes the back button and provides deeplinking. Unlike all of the other solutions, the ex animo StateManager is the first method to be fully compatible with Safari. Since the class uses ExternalInterface, you’ll need to publish to at least Flash 8. It’s been tested successfully in IE5.5, IE6, FF 1.5.06, and Safari 2.0.4 but will degrade gracefully (i.e. behave like a normal flash page) in unsupported browsers.

The StateManager also works for AJAX applications. For more information, read Using the StateManager in AJAX Apps.

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