Someone needs to make this – AUDIOUNITS Please

Kinda reminds me of Korg Karma.. Software..
clipped from

  • Musical assistance
  • Auto Tuning. Either select a musical key, or play some notes or song to Whistler and it will keep you in tune.

    Auto Chords. Based on your notes, Whister can automatically create chords of any type. An Arpeggiator will play your chords in a wide variety of styles.

    Auto Progression. Whistler has a built in library of classic, time tested chord progressions and chord maps. Whistler will create highly satisfying musical sequences, following your cue.
    Select a mood, ‘Happy’, ‘Sad’, ‘Jazzy’, ‘Uplifting’, ‘Epic’ or
    ‘Cinematic’. Define your own progressions or download others.

    Auto Timing. Are your beats too loose? Or not loose enough? Whistler has quantising to keep perfectly in time or perfectly funky.

    Transposing. Extend your musical range up and down to hit those high notes and nail that bass.

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