Dialog boxes for EXITING membership of a Social Network

— Why do you want to leave?

the idea of 2nd dialog?

If you want to leave… because of.. this.. THEN Consider
1) or 2) — Extended dialog.

clipped from www.robbyonrails.com

Saying Goodbye Was Never This Hard

Earlier today, I got an email notification from my old Friendster account, which ended up being spam. I hadn’t logged into the account in ages and looked around at my profile and others. No meaningful interaction between my friends in a few years. It’s felt like a ghost town. So, I thought… “should I just delete my account?” I was thinking about doing the same thing with my Facebook account as well, because I’m getting tired of being invited to applications a few times a day due to a friend leaving my name checked when they sign up for a game. (this is getting old…)

Friendster Cancel Account

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