Embed Media as “Content” for Social Networks…

so more examples of “narrow” + “niche” communities that use embed
media for commenting and discussion…
Sounds pretty obvious that “tools” for social voice, ratings, polling –
Add “game/Vs.” componants – Leaderboards, tests, competition –

in this case its a “status” module — with a Level, Rank, and identity declaration.

of course you need a Global view of your WORLD and then maybe your world of “FRIENDS”
Who did what? and Will it get me to CLICK? could this make me Type something? Add my voice?


Myspace Friend updates  = My Fav Band UPDATES

I wonder if I could get a FEED of website updates – I suppose thats what RSS is about. Then the question is can this feed be condensed or could I make a template for the digest?

Could a digest of my choosing..  fight the Fragment? A digest of my Fav Bands, Fav Visual Artists, Fav Programmers?
Could we use the “Snapshot-like” popouts on Blog Rolls? SERP’s?

more and more indexes…

Need more consolidation and distilling.

“what is essential?”

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