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Suburb post on the very nature of HYPERTEXT
clipped from
Snap Shots – 5 Great Ways To Drill Your Links
Link Drillers


In this instance, the author used a word that, in context, could have been exactly what you see or could have been a typo (rapidly). The Snap Shot clearly shows the author’s intent.


Images become a tool for the author, much like a punctuation mark
or a comma, enhancing the ability to convey emotional intent with perfect clarity.


The author can pinpoint the source of his allusion, introducing
some readers to new sources of understanding and providing
a moment of nostalgia for the informed. Allusion becomes real.


This post was all about this video, so here it is
without even leaving the page.


Here the author is teasing the reader. Notice the mainly black website inside the Snapshot. Look at the words the author wrote, teasing readers that they “really ought to click that Foreigner link”.

One thought on “LINK – Enhancers. Drillers. —

  1. jon says:

    Wow, I really like that guy’s style!

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