Video Aggregators + SocialNet Feed Aggregators (friendFeed)

+video aggregation
+Social Network aggregation
+Bookmarks, Clipmark feed Aggregation
– reTemplating of aggregated widgets…

compilation of features:
1.human-powered aggregator, where editors choose a bunch of cool videos every day –
2. Video e-mail; if you’re the type of user who likes to receive stuff by e-mail, you’ll love the option to get a daily e-mail with a selection of great videos.
3. create their own mini video portal with a customized look – change background, voting, tag cloud browser
4. organize and aggregate your videos via Feeds
5. recommendation engine that brings you video content related to what you’re already watching
6. team of human editors there who choose the best videos that the web has to offer and present them to you in a neatly categorized list
7.WeShow TV is an original program in which the editors actually speak into the camera, presenting a portmanteau of interesting videos in various categories

clipped from

7 Online Video Aggregators Reviewed








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