Very cool – FRIEND FEED

— Aggregation service and MicroBroadcasting service.

— TEMPLATE Wrappers.

— LOGIC Wrappers? or Preference Wrappers?

— Friend or FRIENIMIE?

clipped from

New York Times

Service Helps Friends Share Their Online Discoveries

FriendFeed users can see what their friends are reading, listening to or viewing on the Web as a continuous stream of notifications. This stream can appear on a personal Web page or in a module on the user’s customized page on Facebook or Google. The system does not require the installation of software, but it does require the friends to participate.

The system can track people’s activities on a variety of Web sites, ranging from collaborative news filtering sites like Digg and Slashdot to music services like and video and photo services like YouTube and Flickr.

FriendFeed now supports 23 Web services, and it also permits users to comment on postings and carry on online discussions.

“This gives you a snapshot of what people you know think is interesting,” Mr. Taylor said. “It’s kind of a blog that writes itself.”

  blog it

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