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A really wide range of accounts and feed types are supported. In about five minutes I had easily added my Blog,, Digg, Flickr, Google Reader Shared Items,, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube feeds to my profile. Streaming of Wish Lists, Furl, Google Shared Stuff, iLike, Jaiku, Netflix, Picasa Web Albums, Pownce, Reddit, SmugMug, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Vimeo, Yelp and Zooomr services is also supported – a pretty exhaustive list. Incidentally I wasn’t able to add in my Amazon Wish List, but I assume this is because I use rather than

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FriendFeed is a ‘lifestreaming’ service, allowing an aggregated view of an individuals social-web content to be captured within a single web site. The aim is to make it easier for friends to connect and stay in contact over the web, removing the need to check multiple sites for personal updates as all information from that individual is pulled into a single location.

FriendFeed HomePage.png

Lifestreaming is becoming increasingly popular on the web as RSS becomes ubiquitous and usage of web services more varied. Probably the best known lifestreaming service is the Mini-Feed provided internally by Facebook to pull updates from an individuals profile to the Facebook News-Feeds of their friends. This lifestream is currently limited to within Facebook’s walled garden, whilst other services such as Jaiku let you create and share a lifestream more openly.

FriendFeed Setup Services.png

FriendFeed My Feed.png

FriendFeed Public Feed.png
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