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Personal Assistants on Call, Just Not in the Next Office

New York Times

A woman in New Jersey who works for a health care company used the new services to investigate trends in pharmaceutical marketing. An entrepreneur in Toronto used them to build his Web site. A Web designer in Louisiana has them search for images he can use. A builder in Tennessee uses them to get statistical reports on vacant lots before he buys them.

A man in Cambridge, Mass., even started a business, TajTunes, in which he gets the workers to telephone people in the United States with singing telegrams for $5 a call.

GetFriday charges $15 an hour, plus $10 a month, though rates are lower for those who have monthly plans. For instance, a 40-hour-a-month plan costs $360. Brickwork charges $15 to $25 an hour.
pays $14 an hour to a graduate student in Utah who was making $8 an hour in a campus job.
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