These guys added to FETCH’s bots.. Machine RETAGIN?

Global 5000 companies have invested millions in capturing, storing and managing information in: comment fields, call center notes, PDF, PowerPoint, emails and Excel spreadsheets. To date, most are still unable to systematically analyze and effectively utilize this information.

ClearForest’s advanced text-driven business intelligence solutions apply intelligent mark-up to key entities such as person, organization, location, as well as detailed facts or events embedded within free-form text such as news articles, web surveys and HTML documents. Once structured, this information can be used to drive stand-alone analytics applications or be fed into a company’s existing data marts and combined with structured data to provide more comprehensive business intelligence.


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ClearForest launched a mashup developer competition to promote creative and innovative uses of real time semantic web processing that demonstrate the value of machine-readable news.
Second Place: Hype-List
An elegant interface combined with a simple focus on one thing: Who’s hot today? Hype-List finds the people within entertainment, business and sports news and presents the hot names in an appealing and functionally simple interface. Don’t have much time? Just want to know what’s happening? Hype-List delivers the facts fast.

  • Six Degrees is an interesting experiment in finding the networks that link people, companies and other items together.

  • Compare & Contrast
    is a project by Northwestern University’s InfoLab that finds similar stories with different entities.
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