Another Browser macro tool –

UI seems better than imacro – Wonder if it can handle error codes – if/then and other decision branching?
I think a macro for automating the COMPUTER osx & windows – and the macro for firefox safari ie would be good.

Trying to turn of images? humm..

clipped from

DéjàClick Sample Screens

DéjàClick encompasses a rich palette of features to manage the complex and dynamic capabilities of Rich Internet Applications. Several of its many features are illustrated below:


The DéjàClick Toolbar is a compact management console which is used to control recording and playback, editing of scripts, and monitoring of application performance.
Browser Playback Showing Details of Transaction Being Monitored

The Browser Playback shows the details of the transaction to be monitored. The DéjàClick user can watch the actual transaction being played while viewing individual script events and properties in the sidebar.

With Script and Replay Results, the user can review the Match Score which quantifies the replay success of dynamic web pages even if key objects appear or disappear from the page.

For replay, a DéjàClick user can set Properties such as skipping events, managing network timeouts, and setting Match Score thresholds.
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