Step Sequence DISTORTION effect. VERY COOL.

I wonder if you could create a STEP SEQUENCE
delay, distortion, phazer. etc.
SHIT anything could be step sequenced
— arp. step. glider… for AUDIO
and maybe midi..

Apparently Ive got it working for
Arp feeding into a KEYSPLIT sampler… for StepSequenced Audio

clipped from

Diabolical digital destruction, one step at a time.
Sizzle Spine is the very FIRST dedicated step-sequenced distortion unit. As such, you can create never-before-heard-of distortion effects. Imagine taking a drumloop sample, and as said sample loops, it is constantly corroded & crushed in a continually changing manner… the distortion effect always changing in realtime, as quickly or slowly as you see fit. Imagine singing through such a device, having your vocals alternate between clean and crispy at random or timed intervals. Like playing synths? Your leads will sound rawer, more alive than ever before once Sizzle Spine gets ahold of them; have your chord progressions play in time with ever increasing bit-reduction, for example. Want to make some grime beats? Sizzle Spine will take a stale and vapid 808 and mutate it into a ferocious and vicious beast.
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