Itunes COVER FLOW – like browser PAPERVISION 3D and Tweener

Apparently Tweener Class and Papervision is the way to go.. for prg based animation. Pretty fucking cool..

Too bad this clipmarks cant “Grab” SWF’s.. sucks..

A sort of media grabber is needed also a CSS grab would be nice.
Maybe a JAVA based in browser “screengrab” utliltiy Alla screencast..

clipped from

For Example:
Tweener.addTween(UITarget, {x:selectedGoTo.x, y:selectedGoTo.y, z:selectedGoTo.z-bounceAmount+UISpacing, rotationX:0, rotationY:180, rotationZ:0, time:primeTransTime, transition:transEquation});

We recently took a stab at doing an iTunes like UI in real time 3D with Flash using Papervision3D.
At first I tried using the Flash Tween class , but it ended up taking many lines of code to do simple movements in 3D. A friend of mine turned me on to Tweener, and it is awesome. I love it. In one line of code I can transform all of the properties on any object and get a host of useful call back events that I can assign methods to. It made animating in 3D with code quite a
In this one line of code we tween the x, y, z, and the rotation of all three axis in one shot.

With the addition of the new animated property in the MovieMaterial Class getting an FLV to appear on the back sides of the album covers was a snap.

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