Convert FLASH sites into spider able indexing –

Make each page module or content movieclip instance into XML and submit that to the spiders.. VERY COOL.

And the back button works.. apparently.

Very nice for the flash developer community and platform. ADOBE should buy this.

clipped from

  • Each HTML page uses semantic HTML markup to optimize the page for search engine indexing
  • Search Engine Optimization tool for Flash websites

    And for proof on just how effective our search engine optimization for Flash websites really is, check out the top natural search results for those same three pages on the top 3 search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s Live Search!

    Wow, this is flooring. I’ve been searching for somebody to break the ground on this for over a year now…I was actually working on creating a ruby on rails cms system that generates a site + mirrored xml files for a mirrored flash site to utilize – however you have beat the industry once again.

      blog it

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