Web 3.0 or Semantic Web/AgentScraper/Mashup’r & VirtualWorlds/Avatar/presense

Those 2 subjects I think are probably the most relevant for me at this moment. Seems that social web needs a wrapper thats open source and browserbased.. Maybe a login/toolbar that is always present a way of wrapping the internet experience or the computer experience or maybe life experience..

Anyhow, a “OSx like Automator” like workflow/UI with LayoutTools/ViewConstruction and BusinessLogic/Modules.

Obviously any sort of  drag and drop based input that gets converted to code so would be ideal. That way its easy to learn the syntax.

Tools for Code Manipulation
Selection of code blocks, fragments — maps to a visual 3d interface for physics modulators, etc.

Any sort of  PreAssembly into other forms/NodeTrees/3D Process Trees? Choose and hackup.

Customer Collaborative UI for eCommerce and Webservices Design. (If [edit]_ ) was allowed for every page I wonder how much of the .03 percent of the users will come up with novel UI. Or at the very least ALLOW a TEMPLATE-BASED Toolbar 2D Ui MOD.. modification.

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