BestStuff is programmed in Rails.. Check out the develp chat

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So I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if there were a wiki where people could nominate what they thought was the best stuff in the world. Of course, it would have to be easy to use and contribute to. I scribbled it down in my little idea notebook and promptly forgot about it.

Are the bandwidth requirements as staggering as anyone would expect?

Adrian: “Not really. We’re not YouTube. We tend to use a lot of methods that keep page loading light. External CSS and Javascript pages are used so that they get loaded into the browser cache for quicker page loading. AJAX is used for simple forms and actions so we don’t have to reload whole pages. All images that are uploaded to the site are resized and recompressed and we’ve have found a nice balance between image quality and image compression. Just a few years ago we would have used 10 to 20 times the bandwidth for a similar site. By keeping the pages light, we gain a better user experience.”

could be a cool first Rails project.”
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