Aggregated Webservices – Open standards and What you could do with it.

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  • Manage invitations and other network requests from one place
  • Work from a master in box for all our networks
  • Allow for aggregated privacy/preferences settings
  • Let you turn the volume of information up & down (as if on a dimmer switch) based on your mood for ambient social information at a given time
  • Aggregate and make better use of tags and other metadata
  • Triangulate geolocation data (FireEagle but Y! apps plus everything we might want)
  • Create visualizations that reveal things and spur more intimate involvement with what is happening in our networks (hello, Stamen, looking at you)
  • Allow for one-stop status updates to a variety of networks
  • Contact suggestions based on friend network data
  • Add contacts to more than one network at a time
  • Create master searches across networks
  • Create a master social graph or multiple social graphs as we might like
  • House a master media library making video/photos/audio available across networks
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