Amazon S3 as the poorman’s CDN..

Auto upload to S3 and use Amazons infrastructure for alot lower cost then all of the other CDN’s
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It’s a good point to establish some differences between S3 and Akamai and other CDNs. Amazon S3 is housed on presumably some kind of high-availability distributed filesystem (which has become unavailable at least once since launch) across several Amazon datacenters. Akamai, by contrast, has thousands of servers located at key points on the Web. They play some fancy tricks with DNS and intelligent routing to give you content from the servers that are closest to your network location. S3 gives you no such guarantee. However, for many needs, serving from S3 will give you the ability to burst pretty well up to levels that most sites can’t. It’s so close to a CDN.

So then I wrote some code and now the process of using Amazon S3 as a source for serving your static content is a lot easier.
’ve posted a java servlet filter called S3CDNFilter that automatically uploads static files to S3
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One thought on “Amazon S3 as the poorman’s CDN..

  1. Andy says:

    I always enjoy learning how other people employ Amazon S3 and CloudFront. You can check out my very own tool CloudBerry Explorer that helps to manage S3 and CloudFront. It is a freeware.

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