Tile Based Flash Game Tutorials for – 2D worlds Creation

Now all thats needed is “profile linking to Whitelabel”
Aggregated Webservices “video, photo, and message boards”
clipped from oos.moxiecode.com


Super Mario Bros


Marble Madness (sort of..)


Pro Am

The legend of Zelda

Tilebased games in Flash 5

These are the tutorials so far:

01. Drawing a map.
02. Adding a character.
03. Thoughts, ideas and rant.
04. Scrolling.
05. Isometrics.
06. Simple enemies part 1 (cars).
07. Simple enemies part 2 (maze).
08. More on isometrics.
08b. More about z-sorting.
09. Editors.
10. Scrolling part 2 (optimizing).
11. Sloping tiles.

Planned are(were) these:

13. Moving tiles.
14. Large Sprites(not sure).
15. ??? (Open for suggestions)

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