Justin.tv Behind the scenes — WOWZA and Amazon EC2 plus custom Python

Chat system – is IRC Chat.. Everything else.. FLASH
clipped from www.flashcomguru.com

he guy who’s broadcasting himself 24/7

The next attempt involved Wowza, a lower cost alternative to Flash Media Server, and a custom built, Python based stream replicator which Kyle developed. This stream replicator used to take the incoming live feed and pushed it out to 5 Wowza boxes. The setup worked ok to an extend, but another wall was being hit when some features could not be implemented due to Wowza being a closed source platform. The team had to try their third approach.

all streams are also recorded and archived.
Deployment is handled over Amazon EC2, the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, a system which allows for immense scalability at the push of a button

So there you go, large scale Flash video broadcasts on a less than ordinary backend. I think what these guys have pulled off is genius.

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