Host for SmartFoxServer..

$200 a month…
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Dedicated Servers are perfect for:

Terminal Service Solutions
Demanding Database Driven Applications
Remote Storage
Accessing Remote Applications
Developing projects for clients
Creating your own controlled hosting environment
Game Development or Hosting
Shockwave Multi-User server SMUS
Multi User Online Roll Playing Game or MORG Server
Flash Media Server FMS or other specialized development
Specialized Development
Hosting Numerous Web Sites
eMail Servers
Domain Name Servers (DNS)
Streaming Media
VOIP Technologies

The limited special rate is $199 per month plus $550 installation and setup fee.
Contract requires minimum 1 year lease agreement.

Why is there a setup fee?
Average retail cost of the severs we are using are about $2600. We invest in our clients and the setup fee helps off set the cost.

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2 thoughts on “Host for SmartFoxServer..

  1. Troy says:

    The same servers are not $110 per month.

  2. My site has a lot of dynamic content and It runs really slow on godaddy hosting I am looking for a good vps server host which one do you recommend?

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